Lauder Lass tries to scavenge the Gosling food, and her frightening ‘Drone’ experience!

It’s been a busy summer here, but sadly with little Sunshine. However, it has seen the birth of some goslings and ducklings, an increased curiosity streak in Lauder Lass with the added bit of impudence! Bless every step she takes.


These photo’s of her article in The Lauderdale News kind of sums up some of her Summer time experiences!






Who would ever have imagined that she would become as brave as this . .



She’s so brave now that she even tries to open handbags just to see if there is anything  extra tasty in them! Bless her.



Please do pass on this information about drones to any one you know who may be considering buying one. On behalf of other animals who could become as scared as Lauder Lass – thank you.

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Lauder Lass helps to reassure new ‘Neigh’bours!

Some mare’s are just Mare’ish to Newbies, some just don’t accept new neighbours at all and there are those who just seem to ooze calmness straight away, and this is one thing that Lauder Lass has proven she can do.

It’s as if she can read what each individual needs, whether it be a telling off or a little bit of reassurance or some Motherly loving and caring for those who, for whatever reason, feel insecure or who were perhaps starved of their own natural Mothers bonding/comforting.

These photo’s say it all, there’s not a nasty bone in Lauder Lass’s body and that reassurance is all that many animals need, and she is definitely one who can give a tonne of that, probably all thanks to the mass amount of fear she has succeeded in addressing, with many thanks to all her human and equine friends and her mentor /  idol ‘ Didget Doo’ who is sadly missed by all who knew her.


And let me smell you ..


You’ll be okay here young ones . . don’t worry, now just relax those whites of your eyes!

I was once scared of all human kind, my mane was matted and my tail dragged along the ground, I still have an indentation round my neck and the scars to prove the abuse I had experienced in a past life, but I have accepted the past is the past and we should only take the positives in life forward. It is thanks to the kindness of the humans who have befriended me that has made me the way I am today. So, don’t be frightened of this new chapter in your book of life. I will help you and you are also part of my positive chapters in my book of life.


Let me smell to sense what you’ve been lying on.


‘Are you sure we’ll be okay here big white lady?’ ” Yes, I’m sure” says Lauder Lass


Well done, the whites of your eyes have relaxed. Now just stay relaxed says Lauder Lass.


We work at 50/50 here, see, we can walk with each other on an equal level.


Now then what did you have for breakfast?


Walking with each other should always be with 50/50 understanding.


Now then, let me smell to see what you have had for breakfast and tea for the last few days.


50/50 understanding achieved.


Walking ahead is inconsiderate, walking behind is debilitating, walking with each other means

acceptance, inclusion and 50/50 understanding – the way it should be for all animals, humans included. So, the lesson in this little picture is – always walk with someone, no matter how slow they go, make them feel included in Society by walking on an equal footing.


See, no nasty or toady faces needed.


And what did you have for breakfast then?


Didget Doo, you taught Lauder Lass well and  you are still hugely missed and will never be forgotten.

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Life returns to normal . . sort of

Well, at long last Lauder Lass has her feathery friends outside and her morning lix resumes  . . . .  but notice that she is not letting any one else have a look in . . . proof that she is definitely Queen Bee mark 2.



But when it comes to role reversal . . . it’s a No! she’s an adorable minx!


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A summary of the Winter Months

This is a little summary thanks to the Lauderdale News magazine.


Fear leads to anxiety

Genuine Care and Support leads to  Trust

Trust leads to Contentment and Happiness

Happiness leads to Happiness for All



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Julia Biela, Ecotourism Student and Advocate of Elephants visits Lauder Lass


Lauder Lass continues to have visitors, some of her visitors have been coming since day 1, some who wish to remain anonymous, others of a younger age group and others who are making their footstep known in the world with regards encouraging all animals to have their voice and choice heard in what can be an extremely human domineering or dictatorial world, resulting in many being abused, suffocated and their spirits crushed with no thanks to ‘the humans need for control or purely utilising them for financial gain’ such as Elephants, donkey’s, camels, dancing bears and many others who are being used on a daily basis for the tourist industry, but sadly, with no or very few thoughts towards the sanity of the individual animals used.


Well Julia Biela, a gentle lady, a lady who wouldn’t hurt a mouse and who fully appreciates the cruelty that goes before any animals are used for the tourism industry decided to take some time out from her dissertation studying to visit Lauder Lass and Lauder Lass’s furry, hairy and feathery friends.




Julia had an an innate understanding of Lauder Lass’s sensitive but now massively gentle heart. It was a day that we will always remember Julia’s smile spreading from ear to ear all day long.


After being introduced in the usual gentle way, with Lauder Lass’s main carer being the initial mediator, Lauder Lass and Julia were left to have some quiet time together where no words were spoken but the silent moments covered a hundred different feelings. The silent tears, the burning heart, the joy and the sheer delight were just some of them. Ultimately the thing that Julia seemed to find most beautiful was to see Lauder Lass galloping off to her place in her field, the only field where no man or human has ever threatened to harm her, a place where she can call her own, amongst non threatening friends who now accept her as the Matriarchal mare, a position that she  should have experienced long before she did but was never given the chance.


Julia picked up on the scars on her nose, the indentation round her neck, the indentations under  her front knees as well as the slight protrusion that can still be felt across her nose, although these are not so apparent now with Lauder Lass having put on quite a bit of weight since she first arrived. But what she truly felt was the trust, the care, the gentleness and understanding she now holds for humans, even although a number of years ago she would rather have jumped  any  wall or gate to get away from them.


This day was a special day for Julia and our Unicorn Lauder Lass, a day which both will remember, a day where emotions to the core of hearts were felt from past to present,  but ended with a complete sense of ‘at ease’  with an air of graciousness and complete appreciation for all the months, weeks, hours and minutes Lauder Lass had been given to allow her to get over the fear of her past experiences which now, mostly anyway, have been put in to the back of a cupboard, at least until the next person who comes along with a language that she just does not accept, all because of the horrific memories of years gone by. However, if someone does show signs of ‘negative language’Lauder Lass is quick to tell them, but never in a nasty way – she just chooses to step back until they have been guided to communicate in a way that is acceptable to her – 50/50 understanding.


Thank you Julia for coming down to visit Lauder Lass, and we all wish you the very very best in your future vocation in life but more importantly we wish you well in Thailand where you will be spending time amongst Elephants in the Forrest. Just don’t forget we want to hear all about your  trip.


Thank you.







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Lauder Lass still touches the hearts of her visitors.

If you did not meet Lauder Lass prior to her book coming out a few years ago,  the change in her has been overwhelming, as those of you who have read her book and visited her over the last couple of years will have seen. At the time of her book being written there was one picture missing or one that had to be thought up, and that was the one where a hand had been sketched on her forehead – an area  that was an absolutely no go area, yet the day her book was published, if your body language was correct, could be achieved.


Lauder Lass had three wonderful visitors the other day, one of whom had described her book  to the other two who had come up from Englandshire. We will call the first visitor Joan, a lovely softly spoken, unassuming, kind and extremely caring lady with the biggest heart of gold – something rarely seen these days. Well, because she had read Lauder Lass’s book, and had clearly felt every emotion, fear, scare and moment of anxiety Lauder Lass had previously felt, she knew she needed to be sensitive to Lauder Lass’s moves and that her own body language had to remain calm. But no matter the relaying she had given her visitors there was one, who did not realise how calm he had to be until Lauder Lass told him.But she did not tell him in a nasty way, she just jerked her head back and said, mmm, well I wont be going too close to you until I sense you have learnt your lesson about being  a little too forward for such a beast as me!


The other lovely person had not been beside a horse for a number of years but Lauder Lass’s presence and character  reminded her of a horse from her past which resulted in this very moment being extremely moving, a heart rendering moment, one which brought memories flooding back. This lady, let’s call her Alice, didn’t have to say many words but her expression in her eyes said a million words. Lauder Lass, again being so intuitive, seemed to understand Alice’s emotions. Lauder Lass’s eyes at this stage were soft, her presence seemed to be oozing, ‘you’re okay, I wont hurt you’ – a beautiful moment, a tear jerking moment for us all. It was one of those moments that even just trying to put it in to words here does not even touch on that magical moment and we are sure it was one moment in time that took Alice back not just months but years, a moment she will never forget. Because of this being such a special day for Alice, we gently encouraged Lauder Lass to place her head as close to Alice’s shoulder as possible, so that Alice’s memories could be comforted by similar feelings that she had so many moons ago.


Back on to the second person who had given her  a bit of  a fright, it was only a matter of a few minutes, helped along by Joan and Alice’s gentle reactions,  before Lauder Lass almost said to him ( in her way),  well you have learnt your lesson I will come back to you. Now it seems that Men don’t seem to ‘want to accept’ that perhaps they can be a bit forceful, and they certainly don’t like to be verbally told, least of all by women, that they need to back off a bit, but Lauder Lass, in her own silent way, manages every time to put them in their place, but above all. she manages it in an acceptable way, without any form of verbal back lash.


As someone said just a few months ago, every one needs a doze of Lauder Lasserapy every now and then to bring them back in to check.


So, a little message for Lauder Lass –  keep up your extra sensitive assessment of people, keep teaching them the most important lesson in life that ‘even the smallest signs of aggression’ is totally unnecessary but silent rejection is the most powerful tool that any animal – including humans, can use to get an immediate change in a person / animal.


Lauder Lass, the amount of people you have helped towards changing negative habits of a life time in to positive habits is way beyond any one’s expectations, and we all would like to thank you for that.



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Lauder Lass welcomes her stable mates!

Almost a full month has seen Lauder Lass’s field starved of the physical presence of her feathered friends due to the Avian Flu Scare. This has meant that none of the Poultry have been allowed to wander, at their leisure,wp_20161107_014 but their vocal songs have been well and truly heard, so Lauder Lass knew they were around, just out of sight, but clearly not out of mind.


As we said in the previous post Lauder Lass’s stable has been used as a wet and dry area through the day for the geese and ducks, with various toys to relieve any potential boredom. So they have had old cd’s hanging from haynets, empty plastic bottles and footballs, and lids of Tupperware tubs to move around like a football! Watching them has been truly comical, but had Lauder Lass seen all this hilarity she may well have declined from entering her stable altogether, at least until all the wobbly things had been removed. However, as night time draws in the geese and ducks are ushered through to their stable and their day time abode is disinfected and hosed down.


Although the ducks and geese have their designated stable at night time, there are two Muscovy Ducks who, when they first arrived, preferred to stay with the Hen and the Cockerel who arrived just a few weeks before hand. However, with no poultry being allowed outside the two Muscovy’s had to be separated  from their two newfound friends and were put in with the other ‘normal’ ducks! or those without an identity crisis during the day but at night time, they preferred to have the whole of Lauder Lass’s stable to themselves! Actually the main reason why they probably preferred her stable is that they get the first pickings of breakfast before the onslaught of the other 42 webbed feet arrive on the scene.


On the evenings that Lauder Lass  comes in, the dry area which the geese and ducks use as a thirty wink siesta  , is put aside and the wet area hosed in readiness for her stable to be put back down for her use, but an area under her bench is used by the Muscovy’s.


To our surprise Lauder Lass is not phased by having the two Muscovy’  as stable companions, infact you could almost sense a thought of  ‘good to see you again’ with no sign of ‘o my goodness, what are these two flighty things doing in my stable’. They both have an air of ‘respect’ for each other. Just imagine what she would have done on that first day she arrived – she would probably have tried to jump out of one of the stable doors out of sheer fear! Bless her.





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A wonderful early Christmas Donation.

A wonderful parcel arrived in the post today for Lauder Lass, a box of two rugs, how so kind. One of them is a little small for her but it fits little Chessie just fine ( Chessie was another abused pony – but he was not quite as petrified as Lauder Lass – he had been abused, sadly by the human male specie! but who has learnt that if he is spoken to in Chessie language, will be the most adoring cuddleerapy pony out) . SO a massive thank you to not only the person who donated them ( who knows who she is) but also to Heather Rayment for organising the collection and posting of them.













Straight from the horses mouth ‘  thank you so, so much’. It’s great to have a spare one or two, especially when you live in the UK where you don’t know what the weather is going to do from one minute to the next!


I did try it on and it fits wonderfully well, but ‘silly clogs’ forgot to take her camera up! so she said she would post a photo later on! perhaps she will wait until the buckle is fixed.


Thank you once again to all who have donated and continue to support this most amazing horse, who truly deserves a medal for overcoming her massive fear of the human race, and thanks to all her visitors, has learnt to, in her way, trust again.


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Presently Lauder Lass’s stable serves two purposes.

Thankfully, the weather so far this December has been pretty kind with little rain, snow, wind or hail. Let’s hope it stays this way for a while. We have had a few days of hard frost which will hopefully have killed some of the horrible bugs that seem to be flying around and lingering. However with this mild patch it has meant that Lauder Lass has been able to stay outside for most of the days and nights for the last few weeks, which, to be honest has been a blessing in disguise especially with the alert of  the  Avian influenza prevention zone UK December 2016 . This has meant that all Poultry throughout Britain have had to stay in, away from wild birds. To accommodate our Poultry  being in 24/7 for at least the next month we have kept their night time abode as it has been,  but we have set up an additional area where a wet and dry area is available for them to lay  and play around during the day. The best place for this to happen was Lauder Lass’s stable. This means that they can be walked through without going outside at all, which is what is required  of all Poultry owners until, at least, the beginning of January. In a way we are hoping that this fair weather stays but if it doesn’t Lauder Lass’s stable can be changed back in to her stable so that she can come in at night time. With the Geese and ducks going back to their night time abode this allows Lauder Lass’s stable to be sufficiently disinfected every evening for not only the hygiene of the Poultry but also in the event that Lauder Lass has to come in.


Although she does stay out at night time, she can come in to another stable for her extra attention but she is doing so well now in the field that she can be approached using Lauder Lass  language, without much of an ado.


She is missing the ducks and geese going out though, as she always used to try her very best to get to the poultry food before we even managed to get it in to the stream for them to guzzle up, although she knew she never got it at the beginning, she would patiently wait to get the licks! bless her.



To stop the geese from getting bored, just as we do with Lauder Lass,  various things have been hung around for them to play with or peck at. They seem to love balls but not the foam type as this material could block their gut/stomach. Although it took the geese a few days to be persuaded not to head for the outside door they  now seem to have adjusted to their new life, but hopefully it wont be long before they can go back out and eat the food that is best for them and much more natural for their digestive system.


In the meantime, apart from the abnormal sounds of silence instead of the sounds of geese barking, Lauder Lass seems content enough with her present routine. Long may this mild weather stay, in fact we would give the weather permission to stay like this at least until the 7th January 2017!




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Lauder Lass’s article in the Lauderdale News November/December




On top of this there was a quiz in the magazine, and one of the questions, to our surprise was about Lauder lass, ‘ What is Lauder Lass’s favourite television programme – The answer ‘ neighbours’ not quite sure who made the quiz up though, it’s a shame that there’s not a series called ‘ I’m free from the hell I used to have to endure’!


Thank you all the same to all at the Lauderdale News for continuing to spread Lauder Lass’s progress and how her healing process has helped others.



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