Lauder Lass helps to reassure new ‘Neigh’bours!

Some mare’s are just Mare’ish to Newbies, some just don’t accept new neighbours at all and there are those who just seem to ooze calmness straight away, and this is one thing that Lauder Lass has proven she can do.

It’s as if she can read what each individual needs, whether it be a telling off or a little bit of reassurance or some Motherly loving and caring for those who, for whatever reason, feel insecure or who were perhaps starved of their own natural Mothers bonding/comforting.

These photo’s say it all, there’s not a nasty bone in Lauder Lass’s body and that reassurance is all that many animals need, and she is definitely one who can give a tonne of that, probably all thanks to the mass amount of fear she has succeeded in addressing, with many thanks to all her human and equine friends and her mentor /  idol ‘ Didget Doo’ who is sadly missed by all who knew her.


And let me smell you ..


You’ll be okay here young ones . . don’t worry, now just relax those whites of your eyes!

I was once scared of all human kind, my mane was matted and my tail dragged along the ground, I still have an indentation round my neck and the scars to prove the abuse I had experienced in a past life, but I have accepted the past is the past and we should only take the positives in life forward. It is thanks to the kindness of the humans who have befriended me that has made me the way I am today. So, don’t be frightened of this new chapter in your book of life. I will help you and you are also part of my positive chapters in my book of life.


Let me smell to sense what you’ve been lying on.


‘Are you sure we’ll be okay here big white lady?’ ” Yes, I’m sure” says Lauder Lass


Well done, the whites of your eyes have relaxed. Now just stay relaxed says Lauder Lass.


We work at 50/50 here, see, we can walk with each other on an equal level.


Now then what did you have for breakfast?


Walking with each other should always be with 50/50 understanding.


Now then, let me smell to see what you have had for breakfast and tea for the last few days.


50/50 understanding achieved.


Walking ahead is inconsiderate, walking behind is debilitating, walking with each other means

acceptance, inclusion and 50/50 understanding – the way it should be for all animals, humans included. So, the lesson in this little picture is – always walk with someone, no matter how slow they go, make them feel included in Society by walking on an equal footing.


See, no nasty or toady faces needed.


And what did you have for breakfast then?


Didget Doo, you taught Lauder Lass well and  you are still hugely missed and will never be forgotten.

About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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