Lauder Lass’s Summer 2019

Once again Lauder Lass has had a wonderful belly filled summer of grass and numerous treats and breakfasts. She knows the set up now only too well, in fact almost too well, to the point that if the main caregivers were away she took over the roost telling her temporary caregivers what happens when and where and not a minute later. To see her now is just a joy and absolutely confirms that all animals or living creatures should be given their individual chance of having their voice heard and their dreams met.


In this quarters Lauderdale News magazine, she brought up the topic of how animals see humans and suggested ways of how to make the animal world less invasive by the human world, an interesting article which should perhaps be acted out more in the human world as well.lauderlassa 19 sept


Is it safe?

Lauder Lass took a bit of time to take her first step in to this shed’ but with positive encouragement (not bribery and corruption with food by the way) she poked her head round.

And a few minutes later she entered

How brave is she?

Brave enough to have a smell !

As she began to feel more relaxed her head dropped to smell the ground – the first thing all horses do

Brave enough to stay in on her own!

Bless – now she will go in and out without a problem

And you can't beat a good scratch after a good roll!

More please!

Blacksmith day

‘Okay, I’m coming’

If I had a giraffes neck I could reach anything!

If I could just . .

Got that tasty bit!

Knew I could reach it somehow!

Nummy  scrummy

Share and share alike

If all humans were like this the world would be a better place!

Whats better than a back scratcher

A tree branch that moves to where you want it to be!

About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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