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Learning how to cope with new suggestions . . .

Like each car has its’ own key, each animal, no matter whether human, horse, dog or elephant also has his or her own key, and unless you can strike the correct method in turning this key or hit the right … Continue reading

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The Blacksmith and Lauder Lass

Once again our wonderfully gentle blacksmith succeeds in gaining Lauder Lass’s confidence. Not only were her front hooves rasped back but also clipped (with noisy clippers no less – sadly they don’t make silent ones) but she coped superbly, even … Continue reading

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The indignant look . . . . . . and additional bravery . . .

There was once a time when Lauder Lass’s eyes were so fearful that she wouldn’t dream of asking for any attention, in fact she would rather have given you a look of ‘ please stay away, I am petrified of … Continue reading

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