With Lauder Lass having had so many wonderful days with you all and seeing how you and she have clearly benefited from these days, many of us were thinking that so many humans could benefit from experiencing similar days – but with something that specifically interests them. So, having given this a little extra thought we have come up with ‘THERA-DAYS” , where individuals and their friends could  enjoy say a pot of soup and a little bit of  . . . . .  . . .  . . . . –  do take a look at this link


 share it and let’s all start helping each other – worldwide) . The benefits of these days are huge and can lighten up people’s lives.  Please give one a try . . . . and let us know how much everyone enjoyed it, then spread the word and keep it rolling . . . . .

WELCOME TO ‘Helping yourself and others’  –

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