Food analysis and chemical balances/imbalances


We eat what we see

but often

The things we can’t see

within what we see

are bad for our individual chemical balances.

Shops are great, they sell everything from beautifully packaged goods to individual fruits and vegetables all of which we are encouraged to buy because they tickle our fancy or because they look scrumptious. We have a look at the packaged goods and read the ingredients and think, yes, that will be an easy to cook and tasty treat for dinner.

But when it comes to vegetables and fruit i.e. a carrot, a certain type of apple or orange or a specific type of potato how do we know what type of sugar or chemicals are with in it – there is no label. How do we know whether it is good for us or not. We never think that it might infact have been, for example, the Granny Smith that we ate the day before that encouraged a chemical imbalance therefore possibly creating a migraine or perhaps it was the carrot/parsnip/onion/shallot or leek that upset someones chemical level. We have often discovered that specific vegetables and fruit can infact upset the chemical balance or sugar levels of a Diabetic .

We have also discovered that specific types of chocolate and coffee/tea can upset chemical balances and give some individuals constipation not to mention add issues to those who suffer from Anxiety attacks, Depression, Constipation and other Health issues.

Although coloured diluting juices have been considered negative for hyper active issues in humans the colour of foods is another thing that is often not considered  i.e. carrots, red peppers, red chillies, red apples, blood oranges – these can also play an active part in disturbing an individuals chemical balance.

With reference to animals, the same can apply. Horses, Dogs, Cows, Sheep can also have a chemical reactions to some foods and food colourings resulting in skin irritations, behavioural issues and stomach issues. From our experience to date these health issues can be greatly helped by excluding specific foodstuffs in their diet. For example we have often found that many an animal and indeed human have an intolerance to Barley and coloured foods including coloured mixers for dogs and the coloured parts of a Horse mix. With dogs in particular we have noticed that barley, beef, beef extract, lamb, lamb extract (including lanolin) and full fat dairy produce have a particularly negative effect on dogs with skin issues and a marked improvement has been noted once these foods had been excluded from their diet, this positive change started approximately 2 days after each animal was taken off the negative ingredients. To counter balance these skin issues Glycerin was included in the diets just as a small amount of Glycerin was diluted with warm water and painted on the skin wounds which speeded up the healing process in no time at all.

When Lauder Lass first arrived on our yard her food intolerances were analyzed and Barley and Maize were the two most negative ones for her and the three most positive additives to be added to her bucket were cider vinegar, chamomile and garlic all of which seemed to benefit her within a very short period of time.

It is a well known fact that food stuffs can irritate IBS, Crone’s, Skin Issues, Asthma, Anxiety and Depression, Cancer and many more health issues just as many food stuffs can help to alleviate these issues that animals and humans find not only debilitating, frustrating but also embarrasing.

We will be adding more to this page in due course but in the meantime if you need any further guidance feel free to contact us on

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