Julia Biela, Ecotourism Student and Advocate of Elephants visits Lauder Lass


Lauder Lass continues to have visitors, some of her visitors have been coming since day 1, some who wish to remain anonymous, others of a younger age group and others who are making their footstep known in the world with regards encouraging all animals to have their voice and choice heard in what can be an extremely human domineering or dictatorial world, resulting in many being abused, suffocated and their spirits crushed with no thanks to ‘the humans need for control or purely utilising them for financial gain’ such as Elephants, donkey’s, camels, dancing bears and many others who are being used on a daily basis for the tourist industry, but sadly, with no or very few thoughts towards the sanity of the individual animals used.


Well Julia Biela, a gentle lady, a lady who wouldn’t hurt a mouse and who fully appreciates the cruelty that goes before any animals are used for the tourism industry decided to take some time out from her dissertation studying to visit Lauder Lass and Lauder Lass’s furry, hairy and feathery friends.




Julia had an an innate understanding of Lauder Lass’s sensitive but now massively gentle heart. It was a day that we will always remember Julia’s smile spreading from ear to ear all day long.


After being introduced in the usual gentle way, with Lauder Lass’s main carer being the initial mediator, Lauder Lass and Julia were left to have some quiet time together where no words were spoken but the silent moments covered a hundred different feelings. The silent tears, the burning heart, the joy and the sheer delight were just some of them. Ultimately the thing that Julia seemed to find most beautiful was to see Lauder Lass galloping off to her place in her field, the only field where no man or human has ever threatened to harm her, a place where she can call her own, amongst non threatening friends who now accept her as the Matriarchal mare, a position that she  should have experienced long before she did but was never given the chance.


Julia picked up on the scars on her nose, the indentation round her neck, the indentations under  her front knees as well as the slight protrusion that can still be felt across her nose, although these are not so apparent now with Lauder Lass having put on quite a bit of weight since she first arrived. But what she truly felt was the trust, the care, the gentleness and understanding she now holds for humans, even although a number of years ago she would rather have jumped  any  wall or gate to get away from them.


This day was a special day for Julia and our Unicorn Lauder Lass, a day which both will remember, a day where emotions to the core of hearts were felt from past to present,  but ended with a complete sense of ‘at ease’  with an air of graciousness and complete appreciation for all the months, weeks, hours and minutes Lauder Lass had been given to allow her to get over the fear of her past experiences which now, mostly anyway, have been put in to the back of a cupboard, at least until the next person who comes along with a language that she just does not accept, all because of the horrific memories of years gone by. However, if someone does show signs of ‘negative language’Lauder Lass is quick to tell them, but never in a nasty way – she just chooses to step back until they have been guided to communicate in a way that is acceptable to her – 50/50 understanding.


Thank you Julia for coming down to visit Lauder Lass, and we all wish you the very very best in your future vocation in life but more importantly we wish you well in Thailand where you will be spending time amongst Elephants in the Forrest. Just don’t forget we want to hear all about your  trip.


Thank you.







About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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