Lauder Lass still touches the hearts of her visitors.

If you did not meet Lauder Lass prior to her book coming out a few years ago,  the change in her has been overwhelming, as those of you who have read her book and visited her over the last couple of years will have seen. At the time of her book being written there was one picture missing or one that had to be thought up, and that was the one where a hand had been sketched on her forehead – an area  that was an absolutely no go area, yet the day her book was published, if your body language was correct, could be achieved.


Lauder Lass had three wonderful visitors the other day, one of whom had described her book  to the other two who had come up from Englandshire. We will call the first visitor Joan, a lovely softly spoken, unassuming, kind and extremely caring lady with the biggest heart of gold – something rarely seen these days. Well, because she had read Lauder Lass’s book, and had clearly felt every emotion, fear, scare and moment of anxiety Lauder Lass had previously felt, she knew she needed to be sensitive to Lauder Lass’s moves and that her own body language had to remain calm. But no matter the relaying she had given her visitors there was one, who did not realise how calm he had to be until Lauder Lass told him.But she did not tell him in a nasty way, she just jerked her head back and said, mmm, well I wont be going too close to you until I sense you have learnt your lesson about being  a little too forward for such a beast as me!


The other lovely person had not been beside a horse for a number of years but Lauder Lass’s presence and character  reminded her of a horse from her past which resulted in this very moment being extremely moving, a heart rendering moment, one which brought memories flooding back. This lady, let’s call her Alice, didn’t have to say many words but her expression in her eyes said a million words. Lauder Lass, again being so intuitive, seemed to understand Alice’s emotions. Lauder Lass’s eyes at this stage were soft, her presence seemed to be oozing, ‘you’re okay, I wont hurt you’ – a beautiful moment, a tear jerking moment for us all. It was one of those moments that even just trying to put it in to words here does not even touch on that magical moment and we are sure it was one moment in time that took Alice back not just months but years, a moment she will never forget. Because of this being such a special day for Alice, we gently encouraged Lauder Lass to place her head as close to Alice’s shoulder as possible, so that Alice’s memories could be comforted by similar feelings that she had so many moons ago.


Back on to the second person who had given her  a bit of  a fright, it was only a matter of a few minutes, helped along by Joan and Alice’s gentle reactions,  before Lauder Lass almost said to him ( in her way),  well you have learnt your lesson I will come back to you. Now it seems that Men don’t seem to ‘want to accept’ that perhaps they can be a bit forceful, and they certainly don’t like to be verbally told, least of all by women, that they need to back off a bit, but Lauder Lass, in her own silent way, manages every time to put them in their place, but above all. she manages it in an acceptable way, without any form of verbal back lash.


As someone said just a few months ago, every one needs a doze of Lauder Lasserapy every now and then to bring them back in to check.


So, a little message for Lauder Lass –  keep up your extra sensitive assessment of people, keep teaching them the most important lesson in life that ‘even the smallest signs of aggression’ is totally unnecessary but silent rejection is the most powerful tool that any animal – including humans, can use to get an immediate change in a person / animal.


Lauder Lass, the amount of people you have helped towards changing negative habits of a life time in to positive habits is way beyond any one’s expectations, and we all would like to thank you for that.



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Lauder Lass welcomes her stable mates!

Almost a full month has seen Lauder Lass’s field starved of the physical presence of her feathered friends due to the Avian Flu Scare. This has meant that none of the Poultry have been allowed to wander, at their leisure,wp_20161107_014 but their vocal songs have been well and truly heard, so Lauder Lass knew they were around, just out of sight, but clearly not out of mind.


As we said in the previous post Lauder Lass’s stable has been used as a wet and dry area through the day for the geese and ducks, with various toys to relieve any potential boredom. So they have had old cd’s hanging from haynets, empty plastic bottles and footballs, and lids of Tupperware tubs to move around like a football! Watching them has been truly comical, but had Lauder Lass seen all this hilarity she may well have declined from entering her stable altogether, at least until all the wobbly things had been removed. However, as night time draws in the geese and ducks are ushered through to their stable and their day time abode is disinfected and hosed down.


Although the ducks and geese have their designated stable at night time, there are two Muscovy Ducks who, when they first arrived, preferred to stay with the Hen and the Cockerel who arrived just a few weeks before hand. However, with no poultry being allowed outside the two Muscovy’s had to be separated  from their two newfound friends and were put in with the other ‘normal’ ducks! or those without an identity crisis during the day but at night time, they preferred to have the whole of Lauder Lass’s stable to themselves! Actually the main reason why they probably preferred her stable is that they get the first pickings of breakfast before the onslaught of the other 42 webbed feet arrive on the scene.


On the evenings that Lauder Lass  comes in, the dry area which the geese and ducks use as a thirty wink siesta  , is put aside and the wet area hosed in readiness for her stable to be put back down for her use, but an area under her bench is used by the Muscovy’s.


To our surprise Lauder Lass is not phased by having the two Muscovy’  as stable companions, infact you could almost sense a thought of  ‘good to see you again’ with no sign of ‘o my goodness, what are these two flighty things doing in my stable’. They both have an air of ‘respect’ for each other. Just imagine what she would have done on that first day she arrived – she would probably have tried to jump out of one of the stable doors out of sheer fear! Bless her.





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A wonderful early Christmas Donation.

A wonderful parcel arrived in the post today for Lauder Lass, a box of two rugs, how so kind. One of them is a little small for her but it fits little Chessie just fine ( Chessie was another abused pony – but he was not quite as petrified as Lauder Lass – he had been abused, sadly by the human male specie! but who has learnt that if he is spoken to in Chessie language, will be the most adoring cuddleerapy pony out) . SO a massive thank you to not only the person who donated them ( who knows who she is) but also to Heather Rayment for organising the collection and posting of them.













Straight from the horses mouth ‘  thank you so, so much’. It’s great to have a spare one or two, especially when you live in the UK where you don’t know what the weather is going to do from one minute to the next!


I did try it on and it fits wonderfully well, but ‘silly clogs’ forgot to take her camera up! so she said she would post a photo later on! perhaps she will wait until the buckle is fixed.


Thank you once again to all who have donated and continue to support this most amazing horse, who truly deserves a medal for overcoming her massive fear of the human race, and thanks to all her visitors, has learnt to, in her way, trust again.


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Presently Lauder Lass’s stable serves two purposes.

Thankfully, the weather so far this December has been pretty kind with little rain, snow, wind or hail. Let’s hope it stays this way for a while. We have had a few days of hard frost which will hopefully have killed some of the horrible bugs that seem to be flying around and lingering. However with this mild patch it has meant that Lauder Lass has been able to stay outside for most of the days and nights for the last few weeks, which, to be honest has been a blessing in disguise especially with the alert of  the  Avian influenza prevention zone UK December 2016 . This has meant that all Poultry throughout Britain have had to stay in, away from wild birds. To accommodate our Poultry  being in 24/7 for at least the next month we have kept their night time abode as it has been,  but we have set up an additional area where a wet and dry area is available for them to lay  and play around during the day. The best place for this to happen was Lauder Lass’s stable. This means that they can be walked through without going outside at all, which is what is required  of all Poultry owners until, at least, the beginning of January. In a way we are hoping that this fair weather stays but if it doesn’t Lauder Lass’s stable can be changed back in to her stable so that she can come in at night time. With the Geese and ducks going back to their night time abode this allows Lauder Lass’s stable to be sufficiently disinfected every evening for not only the hygiene of the Poultry but also in the event that Lauder Lass has to come in.


Although she does stay out at night time, she can come in to another stable for her extra attention but she is doing so well now in the field that she can be approached using Lauder Lass  language, without much of an ado.


She is missing the ducks and geese going out though, as she always used to try her very best to get to the poultry food before we even managed to get it in to the stream for them to guzzle up, although she knew she never got it at the beginning, she would patiently wait to get the licks! bless her.



To stop the geese from getting bored, just as we do with Lauder Lass,  various things have been hung around for them to play with or peck at. They seem to love balls but not the foam type as this material could block their gut/stomach. Although it took the geese a few days to be persuaded not to head for the outside door they  now seem to have adjusted to their new life, but hopefully it wont be long before they can go back out and eat the food that is best for them and much more natural for their digestive system.


In the meantime, apart from the abnormal sounds of silence instead of the sounds of geese barking, Lauder Lass seems content enough with her present routine. Long may this mild weather stay, in fact we would give the weather permission to stay like this at least until the 7th January 2017!




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Lauder Lass’s article in the Lauderdale News November/December




On top of this there was a quiz in the magazine, and one of the questions, to our surprise was about Lauder lass, ‘ What is Lauder Lass’s favourite television programme – The answer ‘ neighbours’ not quite sure who made the quiz up though, it’s a shame that there’s not a series called ‘ I’m free from the hell I used to have to endure’!


Thank you all the same to all at the Lauderdale News for continuing to spread Lauder Lass’s progress and how her healing process has helped others.



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Thank you . . .

As the Autumn air turns colder towards the Winter darker mornings and nights and the grass wakes up with a white topping of frosted spiders webs, it’s clear that the rugs need to venture out to be given a shake prior to full time usage during the colder months, or for those rugs with the forgotten tare it’s time to find the needle and gut thread and a spare half hour to fix them ready for usage.


It’s odd to think just a couple of years ago Lauder Lass was petrified of rugs, but with time, a mass of patience and courtesy of a tea towel, a bit of chord  and some velcro, slowly slowly we introduced the sensation of Lauder Lass wearing a light weight rug, without leg straps or a tail strap – the latter because she was so scared of these areas being handled. But now as you can see she can cope with not just a stable rug and New Zealand  rug but a knecked rug.


Lauder Lass  has a number of rugs now, thanks to many kind hearted people who have popped in with rugs that they don’t use or rugs they would prefer to go to a horse in need or a horse they know than to go to someone on line. Well, just recently  she has been handed in three rugs, 2 stable and one outside rug.


They are all slightly different to the ones she has been used to,  so we have spent some time with her on a daily basis taking them on and off her slowly so that she could get used to them and the relevant smells, which were clearly foreign to her. Most horses wouldn’t bat an eyelid about any rug being put on them,  but she is clearly sensitive to strange smells. So to make it easier for her, we leave them in an area that she passes so that she can get used to them. Then we place them in her stable where she can, as most often horses do, rub herself against them to kind of mark them as ‘her own’.


The photo below is of her ‘new to her’ outside rug which has a wonderful neck piece as well.




This wonderful rug was handed in by a lovely lady whose horse we worked  on on a ‘as and when needed basis’. Some of you may be familiar with him . .  Toy was his name, a beautiful 15. 3 bay gelding whose life would have been cut short had the Vets had their ways, but thanks to his owner Sue, who asked Judi to initially tend to him with her holistic approach to treat his broken leg,  was permitted an extra 11 years of life, during which time he was given wonderful care and attention, masses of under the tum scratches  and tail massages. Toy was much loved by Sue and although his invisible presence is felt his physical presence is massively missed by his doting owner Sue.


Sadly Toy passed on back in May 2016 but he has joined his soul mate Eby who can be seen in the second photograph below.






Not only has Lauder Lass been donated these rugs but people have very kindly handed in bags of carrots, apples, mints and some of her other favoured  treats. But the most important thing for her has been the individuals (of all ages)  who have wanted to spend time with her. This is what has helped her heal from her horrific past the most.


One lady, although very busy with her own life,  recently travelled all the way down from Perth to see her, this meant that she had to take four bus journeys,  2 on the way and 2 on the way back. But  the time they spent together was unique, just as it is for all those who visit her. Lauder Lass always leaves peoples hearts humbled by her gentleness as well as her recently found ‘cheekiness’ but above all she has the ability to regain humans trust in the Equine World, which is a massive transformation from when she first arrived here, when she herself was absolutely petrified of any human movement. The roles have certainly reversed and how pleased we and all her visitors are.


If you would like to visit her, please do just contact us.


Once again thank you to all who continue to visit her, support her and who are keen to receive updates on her progress.


If you happen to have any spare rugs or older ones that need repaired, perhaps you would like to donate them to Lauder lass or her friends.


In the meantime or until the next posting, thank you for taking time to read this post.




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Mmm, and what are those newbies on the block!

Lauder Lass’s morning started with a light breakfast, then on to a gentle humbling stroll by my side towards another field which some of the horses have been sharing during the day light hours. Every thing went as sweetly as it usually does with her frolics of happiness and of course her morning tlc scratches and horsey  conversations. wp_20160915_003


Then of course with her newish demand of ‘ please scratch the inside of my hind leg’, as she about turns and presents her, now somewhat rounded, bum to you, and bends her ear slightly back  in expectation of this gently requested hint for a scratch bless her. This truly proves that her trust has gone way up the scale of her faith in human kind . .  with thanks of course to all who have shared their quiet time with her, which has helped her to regain her trust.




After about 45 minutes or an hour of tlc she is then encouraged to go and graze, which she does. In between the next hours she can be seen dozing, grooming another, grazing the grass with further 20 wink gaps every so often.


However, her routine today was totally disturbed by the two newbies who arrived at about midday , this generally wouldn’t have posed a problem but clearly the sound they produced which penetrated from one end of the field to 9 acres away was enough to set the alarm bells off.


A foreign noise, one that set the geese, the dogs as well as the sheep and rabbits off. Yeap this noise belonged to one cockerel and one hen. These two little feathery things caused such mayhem – and disturbed the day for at least an hour until all decided that this massive noise from one little blighter wasn’t going to eat them all up and spit them out after all.


However, when this crowing started, there was a thundering of hooves, snorting of noses, shaking of necks and manes,  flicking of tails as if they had all changed in to a herd of Arabian high tailed horses – Just wish the camera had been at hand –  but sods law –  you never have one on you when you need one. The horses careered  the length of the field and back again numerous times until they could actually work out where the noise was coming from – just as if they had never heard the like before – perhaps they hadn’t!


After about an hour, things started to settle, and these new little feathery things seemed to be accepted. . . let’s see what happens tomorrow morning when the crowing starts again!



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A truly amazing day . . All fours trimmed and rasped back . . halter-less, without a flinch of fear. Thank you all.

We were all so proud of this wonderful Horse, these words below say it all.


But a huge thank you has to go to Stevie, the blacksmith with gentle and understanding hands –



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And a message to all who thought this horse should be put down . .

Na nee na neenana!



‘Hours of patience continued my, what was small and narrowing, tunnel of  hope, and gave me my voice and choice’ . . . thank you to everyone who has spent time with Lauder Lass, she is proof that kindness and patience wins always.

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Patience, 50/50 Communication always results in TRUST

To think that Lauder Lass was so scared of humans that she’d run away from any human, but her true story, amongst other animals we have worked with, completely proves that Patience is the most important thing to hold, then to follow comes 50/50 communication, add these two together and each time  the answer will be TRUST and a beautifully humbling bond.


Far too many people in the West are in a rush, don’t hold the patience, are often spoilt for choice, or if something doesn’t work to their liking they just get a new one, or they are bought another . . giving little chance of any bond or trust to come in to the animals life.


Far too many horses and other animals are never given the chance to trust or indeed to have their own voice and choice heard.


Remembering, if you were sitting down and just twitched a foot Lauder Lass totally freaked but now, she asks for this and that, and her facial expressions here oozes the trust that she now has  –  however if your body language is at all threatening she will not trust you.


Does that denote that many humans are inconsistent or/and  too  dictatorial! Actually, yes humans are the cruellest, most inconsiderate and ‘in the face’ living creatures on this planet. Take this in to account and there is no wonder  why more sensitive humans feel intimidated by the dictatorial type or dictatorial professions. The latter are generally like this because they make money out of the weaker human beings! often by the way of prescribing drugs or putting the animal / human on to permanent medication!  instead of helping  in the way that ‘animals help ‘ by giving patience, 50/50 understanding resulting in raising individuals  confidence and that feeling of self worth!


Any way, we could not resist posting these most stunning photo’s of the new found confident Lauder Lass . . and what a joy every second, minute and month has been. We would urge everyone to take a lesson from  Lauder Lass’s book of life to date –  she has had her voice and choice listened to and her gentleness now almost comes across as complete gratefulness.


Lauder Lass, you surprise us  each and every day, and no way do we feel the many minutes, hours or days have been wasted. To see you the way you are now humbles all who you come across to the core of their hearts. Thank you for trusting  . .






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