Lauder Lass, The horse who touched the hearts of many



Lauder Lass

The horse who touched the hearts of many

Published by Hooves, Paws and Hands, priced £9.95

The story of Lauder Lass’s rehabilitation after years of physical and mental abuse has already touched hearts across Scotland and, thanks to the internet, around the world. Now the rescued Irish draught mare tells her own story, with help from the woman who rescued her, Borders ‘horse whisperer’ and behavioural therapist Judi Gunn.

For ten years, Lauder Lass had no name, suffering at the hands of ignorant humans who saw her only as a creature to be dominated and abused. When at last she was brought to Scotland to start a new life, she was just too scarred to tame. The knackers’ yard beckoned. Enter local horsewoman and alternative counsellor Judi Gunn. Stepping in to save what she calls ‘this amazing horse’ from becoming ‘steak on a plate’, she took on possibly the toughest challenge of a life spent working with animals and humans –  beginning the painfully slow process of winning her new charge’s trust. In the process she came to understand what Lauder Lass’s story could teach humanity.

“There is no difference between humans and animals, apart from one thing,” Judi says: “Humans have a voice box, and usually that’s a disadvantage!”  Let Silence Speak is her motto, by which she means that animals and humans share a common bond of instinct. She equates Lauder Lass’s redemptive story to the experiences of humans who have suffered abuse, or who have conditions such as dementia, autism, ataxia, depression or even cancer. “Lauder Lass has things to teach us all,” she says.  “Read and be moved, read and learn, open your hearts to this amazing horse.”

About Judi Gunn

Over the last 20 years Judi has developed alternative methods for working with troubled animals and human sufferers of dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism, ADHD, ataxia, depression and cancer, and those with behavioural issues. She grew up in a large family in Edinburgh, but after suffering ill health moved to the country, and has worked with troubled animals and people across the UK and in countries from America to Australasia. Lauder Lass is the first of a planned series of books that she hopes will help families and animal lovers understand and communicate with their loved ones on a level that the sufferer understands.

 Reading Lauder Lass’s story has been both deeply moving and an inspiration. It seems she can teach the rest of us as much as Judi and her visitors have been teaching her – about patience and understanding, listening and responding, and the importance of simply taking time.” – Mary  Crockett

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Photo 1 Sunset Photo 2 The start of a new day – Sunrise

Some of the sketches specially created for Lauder Lass by inidividuals aged 6 – 82

Judi would like to thank:

 Lauder Lass’s previous owner for allowing her to have a second chance at life. The people of Lauder who have been so supportive of Lauder Lass since day one, and all her other supporters throughout Scotland, England and abroad.

Particular thanks to:

Susan Windram of The Southern Reporter
ITV’s news programme Lookaround
Dougie Johnston, Photography, Lauderdale
and The Lauderdale News
With additional thanks to:
Elaine Stewart, Bill Hayley, Tom Brodie, Becky Leigh, Kate Oliphant, B.J. Gunn-Grieve, Sarah Ryan, Jenny Horsley, Donna Sheep, Roddie Aitchison, Evan Anderson, Rebecca Grieve, Josie Hall, Emma Hardie, and Bruce MacBride for amazing artwork.

Juanita Wilson of Mossburn Animal Centre, Ruth Stirling
Hanna Fawcett, The South of Scotland Radionics Group,
Mary Crockett writer and editor, The Winterbottom family, The Fawcett family, Jane and Duncan Lowe, Bill Currie,
Pam Bowler, Peter Neilson and Nod,
Angela Stokes-Monarch, Rev Frances Henderson,
Graeme Donald, The Oliphant family,
The Stapleton family, Ian McGown,
Marjory and Jimmy McKenzie, Jim Jeffrey the blacksmith,
Ian Stewart, Joan Richardson,
Anthony Tucker, Norma Pym,
Lesley Stone at Border’s Talking Books, Stephen Bradd,
Scott Emond at Meigle Colour Printers Ltd, Allan Grieve for all his patience, All Lauder Lass’s visitors

And last but, by far, not least

her late father, Tony Gunn

for all the support given before, during and after Lauder Lass came into our care.

You have all inspired her to write this book.

Thank you

Since Lauder Lass’s book has been written  we have had a local band who have, under agreement, put three of the poems to music and a  15 year old young man has created an awesome piece of piano music as a Theme Tune for  Lauder Lass’s talking book. We were absolutely overwhelmed by the emotion that these Musicians have clearly put in to express the poignancy of this powerful little book. Thank you all so much.

 The proceeds from Lauder Lass’s Book will be split between Alzheimer’s Scotland, Mossburn Animal Centre, Lauder and Channelkirk Church, Lauder Lass’s upkeep and other animals who have been as abused as she has

Photo 1 Lauder Lass’s television debut. Photo 2 walking 50 50 – the way it should be with every living creature whether animal or human

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