Time flies by . . .

The last few months just seem to have flown by. From October to January almost as quick as the blink of an eye.


So far, we have been exceptionally lucky with the weather with little snow, but a few frosty mornings and a few horrible downpours, let’s hope it stays this way for the remaining winter months and that there is not a return of the Easterly Beasterly which we experienced a couple of years ago.


Lauder Lass posted a little poem in this years Christmas edition of the Local Magazine and we thought we would share it with you.

For those of you who have followed this awesome mare over the years, you will know that it took quite a long time to be able to introduce a rug to her. But as you will have seen from previous photographs we succeeded and we are pretty sure she appreciates them.


We often wonder whether she still has flashbacks of her previous life, but it does seem, going by her antics, her sense of ownership of her herd and her motherly nature towards any visiting equine neighbours that she has settled down remarkably well but above all her whole demeanour oozes a much greater degree of trust, which absolutely was not the case for the first fairly lengthy period of time.


Back to rugs though, she loves to roll and to stretch her neck over fences to say hello to other horses, or to stretch her whole body against a  gate in the hope that she can reach the little Shetland’s food, which, over time means the front of her rugs begin to fray, so usually just before the end of Autumn we start to assess new rugs for her. Well, this year she has done exceptionally well, ending up with two donated rugs and a brand new one, what a lucky girl she is indeed.


Note she is now first in the hay pecking order! before she would have run a mile and only come for hay if there was no human around – bless her. This red rug is a ‘new to her rug’, it’s one of these rugs that if  your hands are freezing cold, all you need to do is put your hand inside the gap at the neck and it’s not long till they feel as warm as a hot water bottle.

Once again, leading the parade with her new rug this time followed suit by our Shorse, Greedy! then little Miracle the lamb and her Mum Mhairi.

This is wonderful Lauder Lass walking towards us with an amazing amount of confidence, it’s so humbling to see her like this.

Umm, I really would like that little mite’s breakfast as well as my own by the way!

Our previous post showed Lauder Lass being brave enough to look in to the new field shelter, well here we have the next stage, her assessing the inside, with three humans outside. Now had this been the case, when she first arrived, she would have jumped over all humans to get out of the shed – well done Lauder Lass.

This photo shows you her smelling the inside to see which member of the animal kingdom had been in walking on the mats.

One of her most favoured stances, and all for a neck rub – not a daft wee cookie.


Lauder Lass (in the blue rug) and her adopted son grazing away on a haybale quite happily with Betty and Milly the sheep grazing around the sides.


Once again Christmas saw her being spoilt with bags of carrots, polos and numerous horsey treats,  all of which she devoured and reluctantly shared with her friends, including Greedy our Shorse.


Lauder Lass continues to be admired and we are in awe of her daily. Her most natural skills are making neighbouring horses feel cared for and understood which is beautiful to watch. It’s almost as if she has the ability to read their innermost fears and shows them how to be rid of them. So often mares can be quite grumpy with other mares or indeed geldings but she is quite the reverse. She is astounding, very much cherished and we are sure she feels 100% understood.


To be continued. . .



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