Lauder Lass still touches the hearts of her visitors.

If you did not meet Lauder Lass prior to her book coming out a few years ago,  the change in her has been overwhelming, as those of you who have read her book and visited her over the last couple of years will have seen. At the time of her book being written there was one picture missing or one that had to be thought up, and that was the one where a hand had been sketched on her forehead – an area  that was an absolutely no go area, yet the day her book was published, if your body language was correct, could be achieved.


Lauder Lass had three wonderful visitors the other day, one of whom had described her book  to the other two who had come up from Englandshire. We will call the first visitor Joan, a lovely softly spoken, unassuming, kind and extremely caring lady with the biggest heart of gold – something rarely seen these days. Well, because she had read Lauder Lass’s book, and had clearly felt every emotion, fear, scare and moment of anxiety Lauder Lass had previously felt, she knew she needed to be sensitive to Lauder Lass’s moves and that her own body language had to remain calm. But no matter the relaying she had given her visitors there was one, who did not realise how calm he had to be until Lauder Lass told him.But she did not tell him in a nasty way, she just jerked her head back and said, mmm, well I wont be going too close to you until I sense you have learnt your lesson about being  a little too forward for such a beast as me!


The other lovely person had not been beside a horse for a number of years but Lauder Lass’s presence and character  reminded her of a horse from her past which resulted in this very moment being extremely moving, a heart rendering moment, one which brought memories flooding back. This lady, let’s call her Alice, didn’t have to say many words but her expression in her eyes said a million words. Lauder Lass, again being so intuitive, seemed to understand Alice’s emotions. Lauder Lass’s eyes at this stage were soft, her presence seemed to be oozing, ‘you’re okay, I wont hurt you’ – a beautiful moment, a tear jerking moment for us all. It was one of those moments that even just trying to put it in to words here does not even touch on that magical moment and we are sure it was one moment in time that took Alice back not just months but years, a moment she will never forget. Because of this being such a special day for Alice, we gently encouraged Lauder Lass to place her head as close to Alice’s shoulder as possible, so that Alice’s memories could be comforted by similar feelings that she had so many moons ago.


Back on to the second person who had given her  a bit of  a fright, it was only a matter of a few minutes, helped along by Joan and Alice’s gentle reactions,  before Lauder Lass almost said to him ( in her way),  well you have learnt your lesson I will come back to you. Now it seems that Men don’t seem to ‘want to accept’ that perhaps they can be a bit forceful, and they certainly don’t like to be verbally told, least of all by women, that they need to back off a bit, but Lauder Lass, in her own silent way, manages every time to put them in their place, but above all. she manages it in an acceptable way, without any form of verbal back lash.


As someone said just a few months ago, every one needs a doze of Lauder Lasserapy every now and then to bring them back in to check.


So, a little message for Lauder Lass –  keep up your extra sensitive assessment of people, keep teaching them the most important lesson in life that ‘even the smallest signs of aggression’ is totally unnecessary but silent rejection is the most powerful tool that any animal – including humans, can use to get an immediate change in a person / animal.


Lauder Lass, the amount of people you have helped towards changing negative habits of a life time in to positive habits is way beyond any one’s expectations, and we all would like to thank you for that.



About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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