Lauder Lass welcomes her stable mates!

Almost a full month has seen Lauder Lass’s field starved of the physical presence of her feathered friends due to the Avian Flu Scare. This has meant that none of the Poultry have been allowed to wander, at their leisure,wp_20161107_014 but their vocal songs have been well and truly heard, so Lauder Lass knew they were around, just out of sight, but clearly not out of mind.


As we said in the previous post Lauder Lass’s stable has been used as a wet and dry area through the day for the geese and ducks, with various toys to relieve any potential boredom. So they have had old cd’s hanging from haynets, empty plastic bottles and footballs, and lids of Tupperware tubs to move around like a football! Watching them has been truly comical, but had Lauder Lass seen all this hilarity she may well have declined from entering her stable altogether, at least until all the wobbly things had been removed. However, as night time draws in the geese and ducks are ushered through to their stable and their day time abode is disinfected and hosed down.


Although the ducks and geese have their designated stable at night time, there are two Muscovy Ducks who, when they first arrived, preferred to stay with the Hen and the Cockerel who arrived just a few weeks before hand. However, with no poultry being allowed outside the two Muscovy’s had to be separated  from their two newfound friends and were put in with the other ‘normal’ ducks! or those without an identity crisis during the day but at night time, they preferred to have the whole of Lauder Lass’s stable to themselves! Actually the main reason why they probably preferred her stable is that they get the first pickings of breakfast before the onslaught of the other 42 webbed feet arrive on the scene.


On the evenings that Lauder Lass  comes in, the dry area which the geese and ducks use as a thirty wink siesta  , is put aside and the wet area hosed in readiness for her stable to be put back down for her use, but an area under her bench is used by the Muscovy’s.


To our surprise Lauder Lass is not phased by having the two Muscovy’  as stable companions, infact you could almost sense a thought of  ‘good to see you again’ with no sign of ‘o my goodness, what are these two flighty things doing in my stable’. They both have an air of ‘respect’ for each other. Just imagine what she would have done on that first day she arrived – she would probably have tried to jump out of one of the stable doors out of sheer fear! Bless her.





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