Thank you . . .

As the Autumn air turns colder towards the Winter darker mornings and nights and the grass wakes up with a white topping of frosted spiders webs, it’s clear that the rugs need to venture out to be given a shake prior to full time usage during the colder months, or for those rugs with the forgotten tare it’s time to find the needle and gut thread and a spare half hour to fix them ready for usage.


It’s odd to think just a couple of years ago Lauder Lass was petrified of rugs, but with time, a mass of patience and courtesy of a tea towel, a bit of chord  and some velcro, slowly slowly we introduced the sensation of Lauder Lass wearing a light weight rug, without leg straps or a tail strap – the latter because she was so scared of these areas being handled. But now as you can see she can cope with not just a stable rug and New Zealand  rug but a knecked rug.


Lauder Lass  has a number of rugs now, thanks to many kind hearted people who have popped in with rugs that they don’t use or rugs they would prefer to go to a horse in need or a horse they know than to go to someone on line. Well, just recently  she has been handed in three rugs, 2 stable and one outside rug.


They are all slightly different to the ones she has been used to,  so we have spent some time with her on a daily basis taking them on and off her slowly so that she could get used to them and the relevant smells, which were clearly foreign to her. Most horses wouldn’t bat an eyelid about any rug being put on them,  but she is clearly sensitive to strange smells. So to make it easier for her, we leave them in an area that she passes so that she can get used to them. Then we place them in her stable where she can, as most often horses do, rub herself against them to kind of mark them as ‘her own’.


The photo below is of her ‘new to her’ outside rug which has a wonderful neck piece as well.




This wonderful rug was handed in by a lovely lady whose horse we worked  on on a ‘as and when needed basis’. Some of you may be familiar with him . .  Toy was his name, a beautiful 15. 3 bay gelding whose life would have been cut short had the Vets had their ways, but thanks to his owner Sue, who asked Judi to initially tend to him with her holistic approach to treat his broken leg,  was permitted an extra 11 years of life, during which time he was given wonderful care and attention, masses of under the tum scratches  and tail massages. Toy was much loved by Sue and although his invisible presence is felt his physical presence is massively missed by his doting owner Sue.


Sadly Toy passed on back in May 2016 but he has joined his soul mate Eby who can be seen in the second photograph below.






Not only has Lauder Lass been donated these rugs but people have very kindly handed in bags of carrots, apples, mints and some of her other favoured  treats. But the most important thing for her has been the individuals (of all ages)  who have wanted to spend time with her. This is what has helped her heal from her horrific past the most.


One lady, although very busy with her own life,  recently travelled all the way down from Perth to see her, this meant that she had to take four bus journeys,  2 on the way and 2 on the way back. But  the time they spent together was unique, just as it is for all those who visit her. Lauder Lass always leaves peoples hearts humbled by her gentleness as well as her recently found ‘cheekiness’ but above all she has the ability to regain humans trust in the Equine World, which is a massive transformation from when she first arrived here, when she herself was absolutely petrified of any human movement. The roles have certainly reversed and how pleased we and all her visitors are.


If you would like to visit her, please do just contact us.


Once again thank you to all who continue to visit her, support her and who are keen to receive updates on her progress.


If you happen to have any spare rugs or older ones that need repaired, perhaps you would like to donate them to Lauder lass or her friends.


In the meantime or until the next posting, thank you for taking time to read this post.




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