Mmm, and what are those newbies on the block!

Lauder Lass’s morning started with a light breakfast, then on to a gentle humbling stroll by my side towards another field which some of the horses have been sharing during the day light hours. Every thing went as sweetly as it usually does with her frolics of happiness and of course her morning tlc scratches and horsey  conversations. wp_20160915_003


Then of course with her newish demand of ‘ please scratch the inside of my hind leg’, as she about turns and presents her, now somewhat rounded, bum to you, and bends her ear slightly back  in expectation of this gently requested hint for a scratch bless her. This truly proves that her trust has gone way up the scale of her faith in human kind . .  with thanks of course to all who have shared their quiet time with her, which has helped her to regain her trust.




After about 45 minutes or an hour of tlc she is then encouraged to go and graze, which she does. In between the next hours she can be seen dozing, grooming another, grazing the grass with further 20 wink gaps every so often.


However, her routine today was totally disturbed by the two newbies who arrived at about midday , this generally wouldn’t have posed a problem but clearly the sound they produced which penetrated from one end of the field to 9 acres away was enough to set the alarm bells off.


A foreign noise, one that set the geese, the dogs as well as the sheep and rabbits off. Yeap this noise belonged to one cockerel and one hen. These two little feathery things caused such mayhem – and disturbed the day for at least an hour until all decided that this massive noise from one little blighter wasn’t going to eat them all up and spit them out after all.


However, when this crowing started, there was a thundering of hooves, snorting of noses, shaking of necks and manes,  flicking of tails as if they had all changed in to a herd of Arabian high tailed horses – Just wish the camera had been at hand –  but sods law –  you never have one on you when you need one. The horses careered  the length of the field and back again numerous times until they could actually work out where the noise was coming from – just as if they had never heard the like before – perhaps they hadn’t!


After about an hour, things started to settle, and these new little feathery things seemed to be accepted. . . let’s see what happens tomorrow morning when the crowing starts again!



About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

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