Patience, 50/50 Communication always results in TRUST

To think that Lauder Lass was so scared of humans that she’d run away from any human, but her true story, amongst other animals we have worked with, completely proves that Patience is the most important thing to hold, then to follow comes 50/50 communication, add these two together and each time  the answer will be TRUST and a beautifully humbling bond.


Far too many people in the West are in a rush, don’t hold the patience, are often spoilt for choice, or if something doesn’t work to their liking they just get a new one, or they are bought another . . giving little chance of any bond or trust to come in to the animals life.


Far too many horses and other animals are never given the chance to trust or indeed to have their own voice and choice heard.


Remembering, if you were sitting down and just twitched a foot Lauder Lass totally freaked but now, she asks for this and that, and her facial expressions here oozes the trust that she now has  –  however if your body language is at all threatening she will not trust you.


Does that denote that many humans are inconsistent or/and  too  dictatorial! Actually, yes humans are the cruellest, most inconsiderate and ‘in the face’ living creatures on this planet. Take this in to account and there is no wonder  why more sensitive humans feel intimidated by the dictatorial type or dictatorial professions. The latter are generally like this because they make money out of the weaker human beings! often by the way of prescribing drugs or putting the animal / human on to permanent medication!  instead of helping  in the way that ‘animals help ‘ by giving patience, 50/50 understanding resulting in raising individuals  confidence and that feeling of self worth!


Any way, we could not resist posting these most stunning photo’s of the new found confident Lauder Lass . . and what a joy every second, minute and month has been. We would urge everyone to take a lesson from  Lauder Lass’s book of life to date –  she has had her voice and choice listened to and her gentleness now almost comes across as complete gratefulness.


Lauder Lass, you surprise us  each and every day, and no way do we feel the many minutes, hours or days have been wasted. To see you the way you are now humbles all who you come across to the core of their hearts. Thank you for trusting  . .






About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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