Lauder Lass rarely lets her adopted son far out of her sight.


Prior to Lauder Lass’s arrival we were told she had given birth to about 5 foals, and certainly looking at her teats there had definitely been signs of her udder, at some stage, being suckled from.

When Lauder Lass was first let out in, which is now considered ‘her’ field, it was as if she hadn’t been given the chance to run free for a long time. Her head strutted from side to side as she cantered up in almost disbelief of the feeling of freedom yet, with what seemed like  uncertainty making sure nothing was going to eat her up and spit her out.

As the other horses realised this Newby was in ‘their’ field, their snorts, neighs of ‘You don’t belong here’ and hooves  individually galloping towards her were sure signs of you aren’t part of this herd and who are you any way! Ralphi, the little Shetland tried to give chase but Chessie sensed Ralphi’s  little Diddy legs were tiring so he took over until all of a sudden the little grey came galloping up to a skidding stop and went directly to Lauder Lass’s teats, trying his luck for a wee treat, but rather than Lauder Lass running away as she did as soon as she saw the others coming towards her she stood absolutely still, and believe it or not, stood there perfectly still, allowing his nose to touch her underside for a good few moments, but her little squeal dictated ‘ no suckling allowed or this milk bar is closed. 

Ever since this first encounter with the little Grey, Lauder Lass is never very far away from him and if out of sight, she will make sure she moves to where she can see him. Thanks to this ‘adopted’  relationship the little grey has given her confidence to cope with much more than she would probably have been able to have coped with before or had she not come across another equine ‘adopted off spring.  But the  most important thing is that ‘this adopted foal/pony’ role has not been taken away from her, as her foals were in the past, and when  we had been told that some of her foals had died, we naturally were not told how or where they died – so her own memories are her own, but we are sure, by her reactions since to other things as well as her comforting reactions from the life size foals painted on her wall from about the 1st month of being with us, some of her foals we sense died beside her or she has certainly been part of death somehow, so, apart from the paintings on her stable wall, which after being painted she lay down for the first time and protected one of them by standing next to it, and having the little grey must give her a sense of comfort just as having been given time with the other horses, she is now very much part of the Herd, in fact she is now the Queen of the Herd. . . . and a prouder position within the herd we could not ask her to be in. It may have taken her a decade and more to feel like a ‘normal horse’ should, but over the last couple of years she has certainly gained a whack of trust and  every single minute and the hours and hours spent on her has been absolutely worth it.

She truly deserves a medal just as all her Visitors do for giving her that little extra understanding and for accommodating her quirks.

Lauder Lass you are indeed one Member of this Planet who has and will continue to train the world and its’ people on how to react but more importantly how to behave when amongst animals of any sort – thank you for telling us that you just needed time, patience and the right key and that you did not want to become steak on a plate which was what someone out with her fan Group suggested, but that is not a story for today, the story and the moral of today’s post is to ;

For a troubled animal

  1. Always find a communicator or learn a way of communicating with the animal (if you need guidance message us)
  2. Never give up
  3. Have 100 tonnes of patience
  4. Give all animals a chance of 50/50 communication and just watch the world becoming a better place for all in the process.
  5.  In the first instance find a form of Comforter for each type of animal but not necessarily using food or bribery with food as this can lead to corruption and wars if amongst a herd of other horses.
  6. Please give every animal their voice and choice – thank you

It took many many months before she had the confidence not to run away from you, but now, just take a look at this photo  . . she is just a star.


About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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