Lauder Lass meets Sophie – an amazing 9 year old who completed a mammoth mission of walking 33 miles in 48 hours.

Lauder Lass had a lovely visit today from a wonderful family of 5 including their daughter Sophie – an avid book reader and a unique 9 year old who raised nearly £400.00 for her local Cub / Scout Group, 1st Consett Scout Group which is based in Consett, County Durham. 1st Consett Scout Group is  made up of three sections (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts), with over 80 children in the group in total.


We first came across Sophie when she had just completed her fund raising 33 mile walk with her Father, after which she was still full of enthusiasm but naturally a bit tired! They completed this walk in 48 hours with one short stop for a tent nap. She had also been commended by Thirlestane Castle’s Edward Maitland-Carew and Lauder’s own Scout Group for her bravery and stamina to complete her mission.


During our conversation it was discovered that she, and her sister, had a passion for animals, so as a congratulations for completing her Mission Sophie was given one of Lauder Lass’s books. A fortnight or so later, Sophie reappeared with a beautiful thank you note and she also told us that she had read Lauder Lass’s book three times within a fortnight. In view of her newfound connection with Lauder Lass her whole family were subsequently invited out to see Lauder Lass (and her other 4 legged friends of course).


A day was arranged, and excitement filled the air as they all trundled out of their car. As we walked, Sophie was telling us that she was extremely taken by Lauder Lass’s book (now for a 9 year old to have read a book three times within a fortnight – was just amazing in itself!)- extremely  good going for a 9 year old!  however it was clear that she sensed that she needed to stay calm, and bless her, she even told her family to stay calm.


We suggested that two of the family went in at a time, the first of course  being Sophie, and her Mum was chosen as the second. Well, for a nine year old to connect with Lauder Lass so well was truly humbling, and proof that she clearly read her book from cover to cover and word  for word.




After spending time gaining Lauder Lass’s trust, Sophie very  gently,  but more importantly calmly, encouraged her out of her stable, walked  her calmly up to the top field and let her through the gate to her day time pasture. Each step she  took  was completely on Lauder Lass’s level of full appreciation and was truly  accepted.  This is one little girl who we are sure Lauder Lass will never ever forget.


4 hours later Sophie and her family were still gently wandering round Lauder Lass’s other four legged friends, including Greedy the sheep – who wagged his tail happily for her, Barney, Lauder Lass’s adopted son, taught her whole family that, actually standing directly in front of a horse is not only invading the horses space, but also potentially dangerous for any human, but more importantly they realised that each horse/animal has its’ own unique language just as each kid has his or her own language and that each connect differently  or  respond differently by the way they are asked to do something,  but often as adults, we assume, that asking in the same way for each individual should get the same response! how wrong we are!


To give  each animal their voice and choice is imperative for a healthy relationship or to encourage 50/50 communication should be everyone’s goal in life.


Sophie,  you were a joy to have and you would be most welcome back anytime.


Sophie, we admire you for your courage for walking those 33 miles just as we totally admire Lauder Lass for her bravery and courage for learning to trust again.


Thank you.





About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

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3 Responses to Lauder Lass meets Sophie – an amazing 9 year old who completed a mammoth mission of walking 33 miles in 48 hours.

  1. Lisa Lefemine says:



  2. Alison Fraser says:

    As Sophies mum I just wanted to leave a message for both Judi and Lauder Lass.
    We are so proud of Sophies achievement she was amazing but have been overwhelmed by the amazing support and praise she has received from the people of Lauder as a whole.
    To be given the book of Lauder Lass as a token for her achievements was amazing and rendered Sophie speechless which doesn’t happen often.
    As a family to visit Judi, her son and Lauder Lass was a privilege, Judi’s recall of not only Lauder Lass’ story but that of her other animals too was honestly amazing, we were there a long time but it flew by meeting amazing animals and people and learning from their stories.
    Our visit and the lessons learned from both Judi and the animals will stay with us.

    Lauder Lass – while you werr understandably reserved you were just the most amazing inspirational gentle giant – thank you for letting us enter your space and spend time with you.


    • What a wonderful response Alison, thank you so much . . you are truly a unique family and please don’t forget to pop back to see Lauder Lass, she will never forget the way that Sophie was so so gentle with her . . There are very few 9 year olds who would have given her her space and your reciprocated kindness and gentleness was wonderfully humbling. . . thank you so much.

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