Time heals for sure – all animals should be given a chance and all humans need an annual behaviour check!




As all of you will know by now Lauder Lass’s story is truly amazing, from  having been petrified of humans and any noises and with the large chance of her having been sent off to the slaughter house by her previous owner which we are delighted to say did not happen thanks to many people falling in love with her and so wishing that she could be given the chance to trust again.


Sadly, so many people these days just expect to get an animal that does exactly what is asked of it, or indeed required of it, and for some animals if they are not given 50  50 understanding their future is not rosy, by this we mean they are often re homed numerous times resulting mostly in the animal being worse than it was before or indeed some are just put down, which would have been the case for Lauder Lass.


However, Lauder Lass was not put down, and although each step has taken a whack of patience, every single minute has been worth it and, a few years on, she still moves us and others to tears, but tears of joy, tears that show that given time and complete 50 50 understanding and the same reaction and steadiness from each of her handlers / visitors that she can accept kindness, scratches, a treat, feed, water without her previous whimpers of fear of every step she took around a human or humans but above all she now has the freedom from fear and can ask, in the most gentlest of fashions, for something whether it be to come in to her cosy stable, or for a scratch in a specific place or indeed if she wants in to another field or out of a specific field at which point she will gently saunter and stop beside you or wander onwards, instead of you having to walk a mile away before she galloped through the gateway out of sheer anxiety of being hurt or caught in a fearful way.


When we first set eyes on her she was skinny thin – a little like a malnourished dairy cow, with her haunches showing, her neck hollow, her ribs –  well, had you been able to touch her at that time you could have played on them like a piano. Her head looked far to big for her body and her, now beautiful hair, staring and dry with a tail untouched and touching the ground, her mane tweezled  and that’s just what she looked like and totally excludes any of her mental or visual scars of which there were others discovered as she gained the confidence for us to touch her.


The most obvious visual marks on her were;

1 A 4 to 5″ indentation all the way round her neck

2 A diagonal protruding line of about 3cm long across her face

3 A protruding line of about  3″ across her chest and the length of her chest

4 Indentations under her knees


The most obvious mental marks were;

1 Sheer fear of being any where near a human

2 Sheer fear of being touched anywhere

3 Sheer fear of any loud noise or clanking

4 Sheer fear of a bird flying across her head

5 Fear of eating anything from a bucket with a human being anywhere near

6 Anxiety of any human walking at any speed around her

7 Sheer fear of being around another horse(s)

8 Sheer fear of going through any doorways or stable doors


So, if you can imagine yourself or anyone in the above state – it doesn’t really sing a lot of positives about ones past does it?


Given all of the above mentioned and as many have said, they wouldn’t have had the patience or indeed given the time that was needed to show her that actually ‘life is or can be okay’ but in  Lauder Lass’s case it is an absolutely prime example that given patience, the right keys to unlock her petrified heart, that other animals like her (whether human or animal) can indeed be guided in a positive direction towards a mentally and physically healthier trust in life in general.


The many little steps that she has taken towards her new confident life, to many horses are naturally accepted, but to her they have been mammoth and for all who have experienced each tiny step they have been completely tear jerking.

Her story has inspired many to have more patience, made them more aware of how a simple movement to many can be petrifying, but more importantly has made them aware of how aggressive humans are in body language and verbally every minutes of the day. But, sadly, it has also shown us how many dictatorial and invasive people there are in the world – and that if something doesn’t work they either block it or give up, or go on to something  else or (in animals cases) get rid of the one they can’t get to the bottom of and just buy another one . Mmmm, now then those last few words ‘ ‘just buy another one’ is an interesting point —  is it then that many have been spoilt thanks to their financial position! could it be the case that many in the West are indeed spoilt for choice!


We can certainly think of many people who have had an animal who have given it their all, no matter the circumstance, and why,  because they consider themselves so lucky to have a specific animal in the first place that they will go to the ends of their heart to bring the animal round to understanding that 50/50 communication (without domineering) is the only way forward – learning this at an early stage in life truly sets up a good grounding for all, no matter whether you are a human or an animal. It is this that Lauder Lass has shown others, it is this that  she has taught many a youngster, it is this that has brought others, who were once – more aggressive, domineering and  dictatorial to realising how wrong their approach and attitude was before, but more importantly it is the gentleness, patience and above all 50/50 communication that she has given to others – Lauder Lass is a gift, just like all living creatures, she is precious in  more ways than one totally confident and non scared foal, she is a life long Teacher of life, one who has taught adjusting your patience level and understanding for EACH animal’s situation is imperative.


As her blacksmith and many others say, everyone should have a doze of Lauder Lass treatment every so often just to bring them back in to check!









About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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