Another major step forward . . all created naturally, thanks to trust ..

As you all know Lauder Lass has coped with a stable rug, and outside rugs for roughly the last year and a half, but only thanks to very slowly introducing a very light weight pillow case to start with, then gradually increasing it to a folded over bed sheet then progressing to a sheet with some home made velcro straps instead of scary metal fasteners . However, because of her sensitivity round her neck where there is still an indention of about 4 ” wide created by some form of collar which she must have had to have coped with before we got her and before ‘Hobnob’ had her (for those of you who have read her book you will know who Hobnob was/is) we have intentionally left a neck piece out of the equation because of her fear of being hurt.

As she experiences all the different things that go on here, she keeps progressing (albeit little steps, but to be honest her little steps are mammoth steps to her) to having more confidence.

Well, with the wear  and tare of last winter most rugs need to be re-proofed,, and rips repaired. But Lauder Lass has been very lucky in that she quite often gets a few treats dropped off for her or left over our gates. Last year a rug magically found its’ way to hanging over our gate, and this year we were offered some more that belonged to a lovely couple and their tremendous and much loved horses.  To be honest we feel extremely humbled that we were offered these rugs as both the humans and the horses held and still hold a special place in our hearts, and always will. So a huge thank you to M, P and of course to Carol for their very kind gesture.

So, back to today, Lauder Lass, who before, had she seen rugs being straddled on the floor would have shrivelled up in a corner or tried to jump the doors to get out, yet today, to our complete surprise she was curious, more curious than we ever thought she would be. Perhaps she sensed the love that the previous owners had for their horses. She is after all a very sensitive and caring horse.

The first photographs are of the way she reacted when we had them on the floor, the second batch of photographs are when we very gently tried the, new to her, rugs on.

Now note there is not a head collar on her, and every movement she made was her own choosing. When we looked at the photographs taken and flicked them through, it was almost like a mini video, but without making a video with each photo ourselves then it may be difficult to see, but if you scroll down them fairly fast you can almost see every movement she makes.

Lauder Lass you totally surprised us today, well done Girl. You know it’s at a time like this that we are so, so pleased that you were given a chance to have your voice and choice to live, breathe and to have your wish met ‘ I so want to trust but am too scared to do so, please give me a chance” Well Lauder Lass, you have truly gone way beyond our expectations. You have brought many to tears, and still do, you move our blacksmiths heart every time he tends to you. You truly are and have been an inspiration to many and indeed you will continue to show all who come across you that no two horses are ever the same nor want to be treated in the same way as the other. You have taught many people how humans so take animal contact for granted . .

May your confidence continue to grow for ever.

 20150915_104714a 20150915_104727_023a 20150915_104727_022a 20150915_104727_023a 20150915_104714a

She was just so curious, she had even been over to the new rugs on the bench at the back of her stable to smell them, or perhaps it was to approve of them  – which we are delighted to say that she did!

And after, eventually managing to remove the hind leg straps we had the ‘let’s try it on’ session.


With Lauder Lass being used to non necked rugs getting the rug this far wasn’t difficult


Her eyes are relaxed and saying, I’m okay with that!


Okay, with thanks to her favoured scratches, and having two pairs of hands and a pair of teeth I managed to undo the velcro straps, keeping one hand free to scratch and reassure her while the other one was twiddling with the straps on the other side.


SO proud of her standing there, and giving her a reassured look she turned her head as if to say, you can do the next bit, as long as you stay as calm. . so to the next stage . .


Lauder Lass makes contact as if to say, the next stage is okay with me ..


And a gentle scratch in a place she can now cope with


And more rewarding tlc


Front neck straps attached and she moves towards me for more . .


All straps secured and she’s happy for me to go back and twiddle with the strap protector . . wonderful . .


We are all so proud of this, once petrified, mare.

To finish off we had some relax time . . she is so, so gentle. Bless her


The main most non threatening position for a horses head to be is low .. and here we have some ‘silent’ together time, something we encourage every one to do with all living creatures, after all it is only humans that speak English, and at the core every human is an animal and starts of using the same universal language as any animal. We encourage all to have some ‘silent’ silent time in all households, even if it is only for ten minutes a day .. so no screaming, no squawking, no whining, no barking, just the sounds of Silence – – is the most potent language of all time. ,



A more loving and caring 4 legged horse you will never ever meet. .

If you are struggling with any animal, whether it be a horse, elephant, dog, human or cat, please give them a chance or contact us for guidance.

One of the main lessons here is to always remember that each and everyone of us has our very own language and without knowing or understanding and pursuing this thought then many living creatures will remain in fear.

On behalf of many who are so, so misunderstood. Thank you

About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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  1. Lisa says:

    so beautiful xxxxxxxx

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