The indignant look . . . . . . and additional bravery . . .

lauder lass look

There was once a time when Lauder Lass’s eyes were so fearful that she wouldn’t dream of asking for any attention, in fact she would rather have given you a look of ‘ please stay away, I am petrified of humans’. But now, even if your body language is slightly faster,  she comes up to you asking for this or that, or even giving  you a wee nudge as if to say ‘ I can smell something nice in your pocket ‘, or who is this foreigner (albeit animal or human) you are bringing in to ‘MY’ field  with even a hint of ‘remember I have to vet  them first’. Or if the other horses have the nerve to go to a visiting newcomer first they almost get the stare that oozes – ‘Excuse me, and where do you think you are going’ or if we are introducing one animal to another she can be seen almost  saying ‘ Just you lot get back,  I am in charge’ –  just as can be seen in this photo when we were introducing little diddy Mhairi and Gracie to our older sheep, then one of them, Sprint –  decided that she had to tell the little ones that they had to behave. Well, this caused an awful commotion resulting with some of the  horses galloping up to see what was happening at the other side of the fence.




Long may you feel you have the confidence to look after  your stock Lauder Lass.

About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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1 Response to The indignant look . . . . . . and additional bravery . . .

  1. Lisa says:

    so lovely. so so lovely. big hug and kiss to all. xxxxx

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