Spring has nearly sprung forward yet again

WP_20150217_024Spring has nearly sprung forward yet again just as Lauder Lass’s confidence continues to spring forward as beautifully as each snow drop and daffodil shows each petal of flowering.

Daffodils and snowdrops are sensitive in that if you stand on them they bend for a while but given 24 hours they soon bounce back. Lauder Lass on the other hand rarely feels pressure and if she does then it’s seconds later when she takes a few steps back towards you to say, ‘actually that wasn’t that bad after all’ unlike at the beginning when doing anything around her or indeed close to her was a complete no go area.

One of the areas where all four legged creatures take comfort and reassurance from is the tip of their tail, it’s an area where their Mothers used to reassure them, console them  and comfort them.

Normally when working on any horse or large animal it doesn’t take us that long to reach their comforting  area, this allows trust to be gained an awful lot quicker than a stroke on the face or neck or a  rope round their neck domineering them as to where to go or what to do.  As well as desensitizing the rest of her body her rear Quarter was an area we so dreamed of getting to with Lauder Lass, but unlike all the larger animals we have worked with this was too scary a proposition for her to cope with.

However, as most of her followers will be aware we were able to, quietly and slowly get to this area earlier on, but over the last few months she has, to our total delight, been presenting her rear end to us, as well as to some of her visitors, for her own requested scratches. This is of course an area that many ‘normal humans’ dare not go, and why? well ask any one and they will tell you ;

  • It’s the end that kicks
  • We were always told to never walk behind a horse
  • We were always told move away when a horse turns it’s back side to you.

There are of course more reasons but these are the main ones.


Even experts have said, no, they never try to go to the back end of a horse, and that it’s generally to the neck or the forehead they head for first, and nine times out of ten to the ‘traditional’ near side rather than the off side.  However, again as some of you may remember from Lauder Lass’s book, it was her near side that she was most mentally scarred about being touched on, which totally connected with the scar she still has till this day 4 ” below her ear as well as the lump which goes diagonally across her face towards her near side eye, although the extent to these wounds were not known till we were able to de-sensitize her in these areas. Given this, it is not surprising that  it was her offside that she allowed us to touch first, albeit months after her arrival and with her very own squeaks of anxiety and trembling at the initial point of contact. These squeaks of anxiety in horses we have rarely heard, unless it’s a foal, but even then they kind of chatter their teeth together when unsure of something. The other times that she used to produce these squeaks was  when she, eventually, trusted enough to eat out of a bucket, even if we were 40 feet away as she dipped her head to eat she would squeak as if to say ‘please don’t hurt me’.


Yet now, in the mornings, as we are preparing Breakfast she is confident enough to try and drag or pinch a bucket over towards her as they are all being mixed up, and is the first to pop her head over to see if there is an extra treat going to be winging it’s way out of the feed room towards her. . . so yes, her confidence  has increased ten fold and how truly humbled we are as she shows another step towards complete bravery!


So, with her recent antics of ‘Excuse me I would like scratched here or there’ she  is realising that sometimes she has to work for these scratches in that she is asked to do something in return for that most awesome scratch. However, her most special time is still the evenings, the times when she was once so scared to either come in or indeed go out and most certainly adamant that she would not go near any human, when she gets her very own TLC  time, her time to make her bond with humans and other animals even stronger, that special bond that has given her the trust she so wanted to show us in the first place, the trust she said she would gain ‘I so want to trust but I need time and the right key to get me there, I don’t want to go to the meat market’. Well Lauder Lass you have truly gone way beyond your dream of yesteryear and how so proud we all are of your new found steps of  your new love for life here on this planet that we were all put on to share . . . and what a privilege it has indeed been.


For her to stand beside 3 people and yawn in such a relaxed fashion would have been unheard of . . . ‘Take a look at her now’ – yes it’s terrific and must be such a relief for her. Bless every second you have been with us Lauder Lass.








Thank you every one for following her progress.







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1 Response to Spring has nearly sprung forward yet again

  1. LIsa says:

    so lovely. lots of love love love to you Lauder Lass xxxxxxx

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