A morning roll in her place on this planet and not a roll on a plate . . .

lauderlass jan

choice and voiceWe thought we would share these wonderful photo’s of Lauder Lass taken this morning when and where 50/50 communication for all has totally worked. It is hoped that all will see this as a totally true example of how, if 50/50 communication is used, any animal can be brought round to feeling the same amount of care and love from all animals and humans as she has truly learnt to accept, Lauder Lass was given her chance to have her voice and choice and she surely has found both.

Her story to date, and many others such as wonderful Sunder and Raju the elephants, will hopefully encourage all to use the same form of communication when any animal is found to be so distraught and as scared or scarred as they were.   To see Lauder Lass roll so joyfully with very little fear of her world these days is just tremendous, just as it is to see her being Matriarchal Mare, Carer and Mentor to her new Equine neighbors instead of being petrified of any thing that came towards her with hooves and toady faces or indeed with two legs, two arms and voice boxes!

Having tended to Lauder Lass and other anxious animals they have given us a true picture of what many animals, who are scared or scarred, need to be encouraged to feel  part of their herd/pack or at the very least accepted by others of their own breed as well as being filled with acceptance for and by human kind, the latter being, nine times out of ten the ones who have damaged such gentle and fragile creatures in the first place.

One of the most important things for us all to remember is that no two animals are the same, or indeed have the same History so for any introduction for any animal to become part of a herd or pack needs to be thought about on a extremely individual basis and cautiously. If we look, watch and listen they will tell you when they can cope with the next little step, which may seem minuscule to some but is similar to 100 miles to another.

If you know of any animal who is distraught or if you need guidance towards making any animal feel safer, more confident and reassured please ask us for help so that they can have their choice and voice in their life on the planet we share with them.

Gaining each others trust and respect is the most important thing of all, until this is initiated or sought no animal can be expected to want to trust.  In extreme situations we would suggest only one person triggers these points, and then once trust is gained, that same person needs to be there for any new introductions or new stages.

On behalf of many  – thank you.

About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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1 Response to A morning roll in her place on this planet and not a roll on a plate . . .

  1. Lisa Lefemine says:

    what a love. Godbless you Judi. xxxxxxx


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