Lauder Lass continues to impress her Blacksmith . . .



Lauder Lass holds a special place in her Blacksmiths heart –  Bless you Stevie, you are so, so gentle with her, no force, no holding on to her fetlock tight or indeed at all. You allow her to rest them on your knee and her to move it away if she wishes to.


Here’s a tester for you, if someone was to hold your wrist for the first time very tight would you be prepared to give it back to them? or if you had been abused with physical signs of anxiety or scars on  your wrists  would you be prepared to give it to anyone? Probably not. It took a mass amount of quiet, understanding and  patience to get to Lauder Lass’s fetlocks and for her to get to this stage is truly tremendous. Over the years we have seen many a blacksmith but have always managed, as one retires, to find another with the gently gently approach instead of the type of blacksmiths who, more often than not, seems to be in a rush or can’t be bothered with the hassle of a horse moving and as a result of this  or their own pressure, they can be quick to reprimand, but Stevie is not one of these characters and how humbled and grateful we are for his patience and care towards her. Thank you Stevie.

The message in this true story, for any large animal who shows signs of a abuse, there is  always someone out there who has the ‘gently gently’ approach, but sometimes you just have to hunt around for that special person who will not only listen to the animals but also to your suggestions of handling the animal.  Don’t give up looking because in the wrong hands the frightened animal could become worse and more fearful of humans than he or she was in the first place.  This goes for Horses, cows, elephants in  fact any animal.



About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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1 Response to Lauder Lass continues to impress her Blacksmith . . .

  1. Lisa Lefemine says:

    so lovely. love to all. xxxx


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