Nearing the middle of January already . .

fear horseand elephant


This was one of the very first poems written for Lauder Lass and each and every minute we spend with this most amazing horse her original fear still brings tears and many a gulp to our throats, especially to her new visitors. But more often than not our own gulps of emotion are over flowing with awe and amazement that she has learnt to trust us and her visitors so much.


Before, she was too petrified to eat if there was a human  any where near her, and if they were she would give out a whince as if to say ‘ please, please don’t hurt me’, but now, if your body language is right, she will nudge you as if to say, ‘Come on – I’d like a scratch here or I’d like a scratch there or perhaps even a corner of the thing that I think I can smell in your pocket’.


Most horses who already trust you or who have not lived in such fear would almost barge you till they get what they want, but Lauder Lass, as much as she has grown half a hand, or perhaps even a hand (in both width and height) she is still as gentle as a lamb.


Often her new visitors who have read her book, seen the video clips of how she used to be  or heard her story still well up when they first meet her, and her gentleness, even after all the horrible things she went through completely surprises them.


She has turned out one thousand times better than we all imagined her to and is so, so trustworthy.  There was a time that she was too frightened to have any one in her stable, but now, she copes with two, three and more people pottering around her stable ( as long as their body language is of a calming nature of course).


If she has a visitor who we feel is calm enough she will even let them take her inside and outside rugs off and on (any rug being a no go area when she first arrived), she will ask them if they could scratch her in a specific place or kind of herd you to a feed room door as if to say, ‘mmmm any chance of any more of that delicious mix’


Her acceptance of an outside rug must make her think she is in seventh heaven, especially when it suddenly downpours or there’s a sudden snow shower.


Before, she was scared of the dark and wanted in but she wanted no contact with humans, now all we have to do is whistle her or call her and she will quietly saunter down her field to the warmth of her stable and her painted foals on her wall. She will saunter past you rubbing her side against your body – an absolute no no before, in fact you would have to be well out of the way and eye shot before she would even dream of coming in.


With other horses she used to run a mile, but now she is the Queen of her small herd and Matriarchal mare of any horses in the surrounding fields, she’s a comfort to the new, a comfort to the sad, a comfort to all whom she comes across but there’s also a cheeky side, her character is free to express without the fear of being chased, hurt or beaten.


She is one of the worlds most amazing Horses who was given a chance, a chance to live, perhaps a chance in a million of not becoming a steak on a plate. That day when this had been your only option is often to the fore of our minds and totally guts us to think that anyone could have thought about doing this to any animal who was as scared of humans as you were.


We bless every inch of ground you walk on Lauder Lass and are so humbled that you have been given your own voice and choice ‘ your original words –  Please don’t let me go, I so want to trust but I need time and patience before I can trust again’  Well Lauder Lass, you have totally excelled in working hard at being given this chance. Thank you for trusting us enough to allow you to become who you are today.


One of Lauder Lass's personal angels


Without 50/50 communcation no animal will give you their heart but with 50/50 communication all animals should be given a chance of living.


Thank you all for continuing to care for Lauder Lass. She truly is an angel.


If you wish to see more of the poetry or drawings that were created for Lauder Lass by individuals from the age of 6 to 82 or wish to purchase a copy of her book feel free to go to this link  or if you just wish to keep a track on her progress press ‘follow at the top of this page and you will receive notification upon each new article written.



About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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  1. Lisa says:

    love love love love love to Lauder Lass and Judi and all the lovelies.xxxxx

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