Student Cherise Haliburton progress report . .

Most of you will have read previous posts about Student Cherise Haliburton who asked to shadow us this past Summer. During this time she not only grew a strong connection with Lauder Lass but also all the other horses we worked with. However she was also accepted to the Northern Jockey College at Doncaster which was terrific. During her stay there she has been keeping us up to date as well as sending frequent messages saying that she is missing Lauder Lass and working with us in  general and has assured us that she will be back when ever  she returns, this kind of a comment is always humbling to hear and of course lovely for horses such as Lauder Lass  to be able to be visited by the people she has connected so well with.


We will of course be forwarding more photo’s of future visits but we would like to share this one with you just to show you how natural a Horse rider Cherise is, other photo’s of her past with us can also be seen in previous posts either here or on Nature’s Physician’s Global Health Mission Blog.


Cherise Haliburton amazing progress


This young lady has a dream and this dream she will go well beyond, we look forward to  seeing and sharing her progress over the years, do follow the chapters of her book of life, we think she will amaze many and give many horses their voice when often they would otherwise not been given a choice.


Go for it Cherise, we are all behind you, always remember that and as Lauder Lass has taught you, never ever give up.

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  1. Lisa says:

    lovely xxxx

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