Out of a number of horses it is Lauder Lass who . . . .

A new comer assesses the situation and works out who the most approachable horse is, is it the little cheeky little herbert, the sheep that thinks he’s a horse, the little dark bay who seems to pull the toadiest of faces, the mini aged Thoroughbred who thinks he is an Arab Stallion (but who after a few hours got his comeuppance for showing off and being a smarty pants) , the mare in the distance or the big white one who seems to ooze ‘I’ll help you . . .


Which one of the above would you go for if you were a newcomer?


Perhaps a little lesson in this for all, is if a newcomer arrives in your Street, School, University or at your place of work, give them some understanding, don’t make them feel threatened or unwanted . . . they are there by choice, or because of circumstances, just like each and every one of us . . .  On behalf of all who feel intimidated in a new environment . . . . thank you.










Well done Lauder Lass, we are so proud of you for all the humans and animals you have helped to make feel more confident.

About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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4 Responses to Out of a number of horses it is Lauder Lass who . . . .

  1. Lisa says:

    so amazingly lovely . wow. big hug and kiss to Lauder Lass xxxxx

  2. How lovely to see her working her magic with animals as well as humans!

    • Indeed it is Julie.

      Some one, who doesn’t know her, or who has even shared time with her said . . .’ she is just a horse’, well, little does this person realise how much Lauder Lass has done for people and other animals . . . a visit was suggested . . . .

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