A very special lady re-visits.

lauder Lass julie


These are indeed two very special Ladies, each will never forget the other and forever bonded they will remain. Julie you saw that twinkle  behind Lauderlass’s sad and petrified eye, you had the same faith and feeling of her so wishing to trust that we had but yet others could not or perhaps did not want to see, perhaps due to their own inner fear.

We remembered back today those early days of Lauder Lass when she was too scared to be looked at never mind touched. Those moments where silence and stillness were imperative for Lauder Lass to progress without the fear of being so hurt and damaged as she had been in her past. Where if you flicked one strand of hair away from your face or accidentally moved a fraction by changing your rested leg she would be instantly filled with anxiety.  When she would hold any drink of water in her mouth for many minutes without dropping a droplet as if she had been starved of water for many a day. Where she would stand in the stream cooling her tired, cracked and unpaired aching hooves. When memories of her dark days, those dark evil nights haunted her every minute of the day.

To see her now is indeed a complete and utter joy, the Matriarchal Mare that you should have experienced many  years ago, you now can be our Bonnie, Bonnie Lauder Lass.

With many, many thanks to all who continue to visit and spend those extremely humbling moments with her. . .  it is thanks to you all that she is the way she is today.

Many gave up hope and wouldn’t give her the time, but she was given her voice and choice and has never looked back.


Thank you

About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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3 Responses to A very special lady re-visits.

  1. Lisa says:


  2. Julie cleghorn says:

    Such a joy to spend today with Lauder Lass & her friends.the difference in her from when I first met her is immeasurable.What a happy,confident horse she is now compared to the depressed, frightened figure she once was.Lauder Lass is a tribute to Judi for her tenacious spirit & belief that no animal is beyond help & that even the most troubled damaged soul can be restored to harmony & balance.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words Julie, but you know the main thing that has made Lauder Lass the way she is today is 50/50 communication and all her visitors realising that she, like all animals, has her own unique way of communicating and with this it has given many other animals and humans a chance to be understood but more importantly given their chance to have their own voice and choice without being dominated in the way a human thinks an animal should be dominated.

    A humbling partnership can be sought in all animals, no matter the issue and Lauder Lass is a prime example of this. Black Beauty’s stories are tear jerking Lauder lass is a living example of what can be done – and we are immensely proud of her.

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