Lauder Lass, her friends and a little dog with a massive attitude . . ..

A little dog who needed some help


You will all have gathered by now that we work not only with horses but dogs, humans and other animals as well. One of our troubled little visitors this week was this little person above, who stood knee high to a grass hopper, but thought he stood 19 hands high. Due to circumstances mentioned at this link it was time that he learnt a few facts of life, and it’s never too late to sort these issues out, just sometimes the longer these issues are left the longer it takes for the animal to show us their ‘own natural key’ to solve the issues. 


Well, standing as tall as he did, not a kick off the pants above ones ankle, he clearly felt he had to be in control, but this was not only detrimental for his owner, her family and friends but also for  any other canines.


As soon as we see an animal we start to work straight away, so that they know we mean business, 100% of the time they pick this up and start to listen straight away, but with a side of their brain that they are not used to using, so often it makes our job even quicker, to the point that  a difference can be seen within a matter of 15 minutes or less. However,  this little cheeky Herbert’s Therapy for the day was to have a  meander around some larger animals, but instead of him being verbally aggressive behind or on top of his Mum, he had to face it himself, almost like a wake up call ‘


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And to finish the larger animal Session off he met some larger 4 legged creatures,  one being  an extremely brave Lauder Lass. To think before she, as in Lauder Lass, would have run off to Australia had you even tried to get this close is just amazing and yet here she is choosing to be inquisitive under her own steam – bless you Lauder Lass. 




Back to the little cheeky, bad tempered aggressive little canine, welcome to the real world little person. Well, this whole experience was enough to make him realise that actually using his long term habit of staring someone out in an aggressive fashion actually was quite frightening for him, to the point that he reduced his eye to eye and barking threat, as can be seen in this picture . . . 




and ended up running free without a lead – unheard of before –  in a large open area and amongst other canines and larger animals. A lovely learning curve and yet another positive experience for Lauder Lass. 


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About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

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2 Responses to Lauder Lass, her friends and a little dog with a massive attitude . . ..

  1. Lisa Lefemine says:

    that was so lovely Judi. thank you . amazingly beautiful how you work with the lovelies . xxxxxl.

    • Thank you Lisa, Lauder Lass has helped so many people and animals, we are just so pleased that she has been given this chance and did not become a steak on a plate, which was what her previous owner wanted. Bless every white sock on her body and every hear string she has – her voice was heard, understood and acted upon, as the case should be with all animals. XjO

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