Calm before, calm during and calm after . . .

One of the most important things for all horses, indeed any animal, no matter how they have been handled before is calmness. But for  previously troubled animals a calm and consistent approach is needed at all times. To be honest we partly feel like starting to sing ‘ Getting to know you’ from the King and I and then jumping on to the last four verses. It’s all about asking and giving, giving and asking on that 50/50 level.


We asked student Cherise Halliburton if she would like to spend some more time with Lauder Lass, as part and parcel of Lauder Lass’s training towards her next platform in her book of life. Good job Cherise didn’t mind her nail varnish coming off from the night before.


Rather than typing much  more at this stage we would like to share some photo’s with you ..  look at them, feel them, feel this most amazing horses eyes, her expressions and visual impact as well as Cherise’s, but at the back of your mind, remember, from her book Lauder Lass, the horse who touched the hearts of many, how so scared and scarred of humans she was . . .


calm results in trust






























And to finish off we have some more calm . . . .






Few words are needed at the end of this posting . . . apart from calm, calm and more calm brings trust and results . . .


How blessed we were not to get horribly soaked from  a similar horrific down pour of rain like we had the last time.


About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

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