A wonderful new stage

A couple of posts ago we mentioned that Lauder Lass’s little angel had got married and moved down to Wales, well, the saying, when one door closes another opens, although sometimes this does not happen straight away, it has happened for Lauder Lass.


Knowing that there are very few Nicky Drewits around in the world we were not quite sure how long it would take to find that right person, but a wonderful lady called Cherise asked if she could come and join us prior to going to Jockey College. She wanted to share our work with horses and other animals so that she could gain experience from the way that we work with animals, which, as you will probably be aware of by now is:




We invited her along and gave her a few little tasks to do and more or less immediately we knew she was right for Lauder Lass.


Apart from sharing Lauder Lass’s progress she has also helped us to, as traditional people call it, break a horse, although we call it encourage a horse to accept a rider in an acceptable manner, not using any form of force or fear. Each horse learns in slightly different ways, although the core is the same. But much depends on how the animal has been handled by humans in the past or/and how much trust is there.


Today’s mission was to take Lauder Lass further with her saddle, but of course Cherise had to become familiar with her antics first so we/she spent a good hour getting to know her but more to the point so that Lauder lass could realise that she was not a threat in any way shape or form.


Well, we would like to share these pictures with you now: there will be more to follow so keep checking to see. Or we will let you know via Nature’s Physician’s facebook page


The only hugely irritating thing was that a dreadful rain storm came over just as we were about to take her on to the following stage, but she coped very well, apart from getting humongously wet, as did we.














The smiles on all faces and the resting of Lauder Lass’s hind leg says it all . Wow, how wonderful is this.


However not three minutes later the rain heavens literally opened wide and down came rain drops that seemed to bounce 2 feet off the ground, so shelter had to be sought. Lauder lass did react at the pressure of the rain drops, but so did we, but once we got her in to her stable we managed to untack her, in her way, and she remained calm at all times. Bless her.


Thank you so much Cherise for being a mini Nicky Drewwit.


Here is a link to another Cherise day – Enjoy and there will be more to follow.


But one little person that could not be ignored today was Lauder Lass’s adopted son –








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2 Responses to A wonderful new stage

  1. Lisa Lefemine says:

    so lovely. xxxxxx

    • Indeed a wonderful stage Lisa, she is such a star, well actually, both Lauder Lass and Cherise are . . Cherise we feel will go away with a much more natural view point of positive methods of working with all animals. She will, over the next few years pick from her experiences in her Equine life and take the best of all forward which will, hopefully allow many more animals, of all sorts, to be treated in an equal and understanding way – If cyber space still exists in 15 years time then it will be extremely interesting to see where this naturally talented lady ends up. Hope we are around to see it Lisa.

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