Progress Report . . July / August

As always Lauder Lass continues to be a Gentle Giant, loved by all who visit her and of course by all who read her  updates here and on Nature’s Physician’s facebook page where the occasional photo is referred to with the aim to help other abused animals of varying sorts, especially elephants, many of whom are abused to a much worse point than many realise.

lauder lass co


As you can see Lauder Lass’s eyes have changed to a soft and unphased look, unless of course there is something that triggers her memory cell off from the years that she had been abused.  To be honest, this is a gentle reminder to her visitors that no two horses (animals of any breed) are the same or indeed should be  treated the same, so you know, we are okay with Lauder Lass being still a little sensitive. For those who know and respect her they know what makes her tick and unless this is  just so, she will not respond, bless her white socks. So pleased to say though that many of her dreadful memories are clearly in the dim and distant past and there they will forever stay.


Over the last month or so she has been an extremely calming , reassuring  and perfect role model of a  matriarchal mare to a number of  animals , Billy being one, Sammy being the other,  Indi being another,  Little Paws being the other, numerous goslngs who can often be seen running around her hooves.


sammy head DSC00102 DSC00101 DSC00100

Lauder Lass and geese


My neck is not hollow,

My breast bone is bulbous

and not like a knife edge.

I’m happy to follow,

I’m loved, I can trust

I know I’ll not be beaten tomorrow.

My bum looks and is rounded

instead of thin like a milking  heifer ‘s.

I’m free, and never tethered,

I miss my Idol, my Queen Bee

she taught me so much,

and Boxer he was so kind to me.

I still have my adopted son,

and Ralphi who used to be with Queen Bee

has attached himself to me.

Adjusting to Queen of the Herd

was hard for me,

In 14 years I had never been there,

I was domineered by humans you see,

But with help, support and kindness

I try my best to be the kindest.

I know what it’s like to be scarred and scared

So I do my best to befriend all to make them like me,

Soft, caring, gentle and free that’s me.


Thank you one and all for continuing to support Lauder Lass.

About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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