Lauder Lass’s spring Mission – to wear a saddle . . .

As you all know, this is the first winter Lauder Lass has been able to cope with a rug (or rugs as the weather has dictated it). With this new step and as Springtime comes in we  will be introducing her to a saddle, whether she will be too frightened to take it any further – time will only tell. Which ever way this is indeed great news especially when, at the beginning many individuals said ‘  she’ll never calm down, she should just be put down’ .

Do you think this might be possible,

Do you think this might be possible,


Thank you one an all.

About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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5 Responses to Lauder Lass’s spring Mission – to wear a saddle . . .

  1. Lisa Lefemine says:

    definately. and I see Judi in the saddle also. lots of love to all. xxxx

    • When you consider how absolutely petrified she was of all humans and that it took 6 months to even touch her near side, yet two on her off side, she has come on so, so well, all thanks to everyone singing from the same song sheet to the dot. She has come along so so well and continues to blow us all away . . . an absolute example of how and why an animal,horse or any other for that matter should be given a chance . . . with patience, trust and 50/50 communication all animals will come round.Thank you for your continuing support Lisa

    • It would be wonderful if she would accept a saddle and an absolute joy for Judi, especially after the hours and hours and hours it has taken to get her to where she is today. Thank you. We will keep dreaming . . . . and it might just become a reality . . .

  2. Caitlyn Bell says:

    Very nice rug. What is exact price of it? Love it.

    • I’m afraid it’s not for sale .. we see you must be connected to ride4less! perhaps you have a spare rug you would like to donate to Lauder Lass . . . This is the first winter in her life that she has had a rug on of any sort, in fact, if you have read any of her posts or indeed her book, you might have realised that she had been horrifically abused . . . and many had given up on her, purely because she as petrified of all humans . . . this horses deserves a medal . .

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