Lauder Lass mourns the loss of her . . .


A bit belly big, but it’s better than looking like a starved dairy cow with a ginormous head!

When you remember back to the first photo of Lauder Lass with a head that looked far too big for the rest of her body and a body that looked as if it belonged to a starved dairy cow she absolutelycontinues to thrive although, sadly, she has had two set backs. As you know she lost her mentor a few months ago –  Queen Bee – at the age of 32, a fine age, for a fine and dedicated equine friend. Then recently and very sadly she lost Queen Bees’ shadow Boxer, who along with Charlie Barney and Ralphi, after losing Didget Doo asked if she could lead the herd as can be seen from the photograph directly below. This was a particularly moving morning, the day after Didget Doo died. So from then on until last week there were daily morning meetings and she did, quite frankly,  a magnificent job of Mothering them all.


The photograph above and directly below shows the boys asking Lauder Lass to take lead . . . which she accepted and carried out her role just perfectly, with no toadie faces but with grace, care and respect for all.  Every morning after breakfast they would collect at her door and discuss  or plan the days or evenings happenings – a lovely morning meeting to watch, with no toadie  faces, just pure grace and appreciation for each other.

reduced seeking new leadership and sought - lauder Lass

The photograph below is a collage of Boxer’s memories, and although it is sad not to have him in person each and every memory is extremely special and will never be forgotten by all who shared his life..

Lauder Lass seems to have asked Ralphi, our little Shetland to take over Boxer’s role, but the problem is that he is not quite the same height, in fact far from it, so therefore can not reach to the areas that Boxer had recently been allowed to scratch in return for a scratch back.

Charlie Barney, Lauder Lass’s adopted son or Boxer’s substitute brother is missing Boxer dreadfully, not only for the after breakfast teeth scratches but for companionship. With the loss he is much more clingy and protective of Lauder Lass, but can still, on occasions,  be seen venturing up to Boxer’s last resting place on his own for a moment of calm, with Ralphi and Greedy (our pet sheep who thinks he is a horse – so now nicknamed Greedy the Shorse’) occasionally following behind.

Although from Lauder Lass’s response to animals in our neighbourhood crying in distress, it is clear that she has seen  and heard cruel death screams before, as well as the smell, that awful smell of death which can be smelt in Abattoirs (this was clearly apparent after a ‘meat van/lorry passed with a pile of dead stock in it when the other horses did not react at all but she went absolutely banana’s). However, neither Didget Doo or Boxer died in fear, so Lauder Lass did not hear any vocal cries or indeed smell the stale smell of dead animals. We do sincerely hope from these sad experiences here that she will realise that not all animals die filled with vocal distress and that she will never ever hear or be part of the appalling things she had to be confronted with during the first half of her life or prior to her arrival with us.

Lauder Lass you are doing so well . . . .

We are all so proud of you . .

We are all so proud of you . .

Mother and adopted son . . .

Mother and adopted son . . .

Your not the same size as my old gentleman friend  but as long as you behave then I am happy to have you by my side . . .

Your not the same size as my old gentleman friend but as long as you behave then I am happy to have you by my side . . .


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3 Responses to Lauder Lass mourns the loss of her . . .

  1. Lisa Lefemine says:

    such amazing love . my love to all.xxxxxL.

  2. She truly is an example that all animals should be given the chance to trust again, no matter what frightening issues they had before . . . she is one most amazing animal and one that hopefully more people will learn from.

    She doesn’t know this yet, but a lovely gentleman is coming over to see her next week sometime with a view to perhaps doing a wee film on her in the future. Bless him. Thank you for your comments Lisa and of course all your support, albeit from a distance – she knows you are there for her.

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