The first winter – a rug – I’m warm for the first time ever

Well, every day for the last 6 weeks this most amazing horse has had a rug on both in her stable as well as in her field . . . who would ever have guessed it.

For at least eleven years she coped with harsh weather, no rugs,  and to see her now, rugged up on a cold winters night, rugged up with a different rug when she’s outside leaves you with a feeling as if you are being cuddled by a good old fashioned hot water bottle.

When you’ve been outside preparing her place in her yard, your hands are cold, you bring her in, and sneak your freezing cold fingers under her mane and rug and they tingle with warmth – something that certainly could not have been done when she first arrived with us.

Never to have a wet back again . . . tremendous, unless it's a sunny with snow on the ground day

Never to have a wet back again . . . tremendous, unless it’s a sunny with snow on the ground day

For everyone who has travelled this journey with her since she has been with us has been so, so heart warming and has inspired many others to give their animals a chance by asking us to communicate with them for them, so that they can understand what their animal wants instead of what the human on occasions can just dictate should happen.

Having just written a paragraph on Nature’s Physicians facebook page which you might be interested in “This horse is an absolute example of why all animals should be given a chance . . . . a horse, a petrified horse, a horse that would have rather have jumped a ten foot wall to get away from any human had you gone too close, a horse, who was be too petrified to eat anywhere near you, a horse that would rather pretend to fall asleep in the furthest away corner than take her feed if you were any where near, a horse whose previous owner had no time for her, a horse, who whose lifes’ end was just about to be dictated to by a human, a horse who was going to somehow be caught and shot . . .the mere thought of this would have put her in to even more of a panic . . . but with thanks to the people whose hearts she touched from all over the world, time, patience, 50 50 communication and everyone singing from the same song sheet, and a few additional props, requested by her in her stable – she so humbly moves us all till this day . . . to see her now, link  ” to read more . . .

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When she first came her head looked far too big for the rest of her body, each hair looked as if they were standing to attention staring at you,  each bone could be seen almost as clearly as the bones of  a dairy cow . . . or many of the elephants who are malnourished and so discontent with their lives they almost eat themselves from inside out until their bodies give up. . . .

She is an example to all of us, and a lesson to all of us, she has been given a life, a life where she is loved and cared for every inch of the way, where she is understood, given respect  and freedom where her, now groomed mane can flow and what was once an unkept tail can blow freely strand by strand with every breathe of wind instead of being bogged down with matts and clumps  balls of snow and dirt . . .  how awesome is she.

She truly deserves a medal, but so do all her visitors who have had the love and patience of Saints to bring her to where she is at today. . .

Lauder lass, keep up Lauder Lass August Lauderdale Newsthis progress lass, you deserve it big time. We are all behind y

Lauder Lass halter

Thank you one and all.

About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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