Another major league step forward . . .

Lauder Lass’s as you all probably know by now has a specially made concrete ramp which takes her in to her stable as well as a concrete strip in her stable. The reasoning for the ramp and her concrete strip was to keep her hooves in good repair.  Many of you may remember from her book and photographs from when she first came, her hooves were cracked, misshapen and clearly untouched by mankind. Apart from anything else when she first arrived you couldn’t get any where near her to tend to any where on her body.

All the work we do with Lauder Lass is natural, without any form of domineering or dictatorship – it’s purely 50/50 communication where the understanding of requests is understood by both on an equal level.

When encouraging her to take another step forward in her book of confidence, we do not use any form of head collar or rope, purely because we feel it is important for an animal (any form of animal – human included)  to ask to be taken to the next stage in their book of life –

Well, this morning, we had our routine visit from our most amazingly gentle blacksmith, in other words not one that domineers or dictates or drugs their Clients or holds their fetlocks so tight that the horse can’t move or who indeed, can often become worse and anxious about the feeling of  their only escape vehicles being held up, which can ultimately lead to a horse panicking at any one lifting their hooves. . . . we have seen quite a few of these in our time I can tell you.

Since having Lauder Lass, we have always encouraged all people, this includes any Vet, nurse, human , Blacksmith to spend a few moments with her, just in case we ever needed to call on them for a health issue or indeed farrier work. Well this morning she absolutely put a smile on the Blacksmiths face – – he managed to, over a fairly short period of time, lift and rasp each front hoof about 5 times each – – – blown away by this – she was amazing and silently knew how proud we were of her as well I think. She did try to lift her leg away a couple of times, but she was quick to respond to the invitation to come back again –  – – – this, as well as her progress with rugs is just tremendous –  there’s no stopping you now Lauder Lass – well done girl  . . . . .

Absolutely blown away today, thanks to having a non-domineering or a blacksmith that doesn’t use brute force or drugs.

The proof is absolutely in the pudding here, patience, care and complete commitment to 50/50 communication resolves and instills positive, well mannered and confident behaviour.

Please give other animals this chance, don’t let them be bullied, domineered or tied up or starved for hours on end like many less fortunate animals have to go through – we are here to help and can assist  via skype, online or by visiting . . .


On behalf of many animals, elephants, baby elephants who are often hijacked after staying by their slaughtered mothers side (their mothers having been killed by poachers for their tusks) horses who many owners have just given up on and many other animals who have had no option but to submit due to pain, starvation or just sheer domineering on the humans part – thank you so much for taking time to read this post. . . . let us all give other animals a chance –  using natures own way . . . thank you

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About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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  1. Lisa Lefemine says:

    big hug xxxxx

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