Lauder Lass chooses option 2 when option 1 was not available.

For those of you who have read Lauder Lass’s book you will be aware that shortly after she arrived she asked for a foal to be painted on her wall – a life size foal – a coloured foal. In brief, she asked for this long before we could make any kind of  ‘contact with her at ease’.  Unbeknown to Judi, whilst she  was painting it Lauder Lass very quietly sauntered up and as Judi looked round she couldn’t believe that Lauder Lass was only a matter of two feet away. Clearly it must have looked like a real foal in her eyes. After finishing the painting, Judi went outside for 5 minutes and by the the time she went back in Lauder Lass was standing protecting this foal and would not allow Judi to enter from the same door, which was only two feet away from the rear end of the painted foal. Lauder Lass was not budging from that spot for any one, so we all had to enter her stable from another door when refreshing her water etc.

Two weeks later Lauder Lass asked for another foal to be painted on her wall, this time  a chestnut. After the second foal was painted this was the first night that she lay down in her stable. She wasn’t just lying down but she was lying down with pride, as if these were two of her previously had foals – this brought tears to many peoples eyes but more importantly was the first sign of her showing that she felt more content.

Since the chestnut one was painted another dark bay has been painted on her wall and this she can, on occasions, be seen standing next to but not as often as her coloured foal.

Over the last few months her hoof marks from where she most often stands (near the coloured foal) had worn the concrete away a  bit so we decided just two days ago to fill the holes up with more concrete. This meant that a temporary cover had to be put over the concrete to protect it from her weight and to allow it to set. She could still have stood next to it, but it meant that she would have been 2 feet further away than normal. We are not sure whether she sensed that she wasn’t allowed to stand at her usual spot or whether she just didn’t like standing on the wooden covers but for the last two days she has stood religiously right next to the painted Chestnut Foals side – as if to say, well, if I can’t protect my coloured foal I will protect my other favourite one – – – – this truly was a lovely vision filles with a total sense of her being allowed to be a matriarchal  mare – something that she had been denied in her past.

Bless you Lauder Lass, you  truly are an inspiration for other animals needs – thank you.

About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

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2 Responses to Lauder Lass chooses option 2 when option 1 was not available.

  1. Lisa Lefemine says:

    lots and lots and lots of love from me and Ankie to Lauder Lass and Judi. xxx

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