Separation makes the heart grow fonder . . .

Unfortunately Judi had to go to England for a few days –  a place she doesn’t go very often! but this meant that Lauder lass and her other friends were being looked after by someone else -‘ the old saying  ‘when the cats away the mouse will play’  and this is surely what happened. Lauder Lass almost told her temp carer – ‘ no, you don’t feed the geese there, you feed them there – and by the way I get the licks!’ O and by the way you are late with our breakfast be earlier tomorrow!!!! and don’t forget I come in at such and such a time!

Her temporary carers point of view : Lauder Lass is a bossy boots isn’t she! she told me exactly where she wanted  her hay and her feed bucket placed, and not an inch either way! what a totally different horse . . . . but she didn’t want to come too close to me though! but then again, I guess she doesn’t know me that well uh! however there is no way she would have had the confidence to tell me what to do a few years ago –  its’ great to see the difference in her. To think that everyone said – no, she will never regain her confidence . . .. mmmm well they were all wrong, well done Judi for standing her ground and for believing in her . . .

Judi’s point of view:

Clearly my being away has made her have a re-think and gave her, perhaps, a different type of appreciation of the work I have been doing with her as well as an extra string of respect. As soon as she heard the pick up pull up she was at the gate, keen to know where I had been. She came immediately up and vetted me from head to foot, just to make sure I hadn’t been amongst any other animals. After checking me out, she immediately rubbed her face against me, skin to skin, presented me with her side as if to say, you have two days of scratching to catch up on, starting now!

Scratching her has never been a problem recently, and as for her head, she would rub against me, but not straight away, but this time, her head was the first part of her body that made contact –  a truly humbling experience, taking her on to her next platform of confidence. Since my return she has been like a shadow to me,  as if to say, don’t think you are going away again in a rush!!!!  Bless her.

This horse truly deserves a medal . . .


Lauder Lass and Texting


This photo was created and edited by Julie Brandon Taylor –  thank you Julie for not only this photo but also for spending so much time clicking away at THE most amazing horse that we know of.

About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

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  1. Lisa Lefemine says:

    what a love. lots of love from me and Ankie. xxxx

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