Loss : brings more confidence

Since Lauder Lass has been with us she has not only had her immediate equine friends but she also, with a fence line in – between, had another couple of Horse friends. Although it took her a while, perhaps about 8 months, to have the confidence to speak to them face to face. Eventually, on occasions, she and the tall dark bay could be seen grooming each other which was not only a reassuring picture in that she began to realise that it was ‘okay’ to show ‘horse language’ with another horse was accepted or allowed but he also gave her an added feeling of confidence.

As you will be aware, shortly after Lauder Lass came to us, she seemed to say that she was missing her foals, so her first ‘silent’ request (apart from saying that she did not want to be put down and that she would come round, if all were to understand her as her) was a coloured foal, so a life size foal she was given in the form of a painting. This was an extremely moving part of her life here for all, because once it had been painted she stood next to it as if it were her own – and oozed a feeling of comfort and seemed to be able to relax further. A few weeks later she asked ‘silently’ for another one. This time is was to be a wee chestnut with a blaze and two white socks, so, as always we do what we are asked to do, and a little chestnut foal was painted on another wall. Well, after it had been painted, this was the first evening she had the courage to lie down in her stable, but at an angle where she was almost protecting them both.

Then, lo and behold, two weeks later a little chestnut, almost identical to the one in her stable, appeared on the other side of the fence with the tall dark bay. It was not long before she was showing signs of almost mothering this ‘real life’ foal which took her on to another ‘relaxed platform. On one occasion because of a local farmer gathering his sheep she was so concerned about this foal she would have, had she had the confidence she has now a days, chased the farmer away. She ran with her tail up and her head swaying from side to side, almost as if to say, you touch my new found friend and I will chase you. The interesting thing here is that none of the other horses were concerned, just her – so it was clear she had struck a bond with this little person.

However, back to the story in hand, unfortunately due to unknown circumstances the dark bay and the little chestnut were moved away out of eye and ear shot. This obviously left her with a feeling of loss and with the realisation that she would have to find some thing/one else to groom her. To watch her ask one of her own equine friends to fill the role of the tall dark bay was amazing, and having learnt this trick with one she has since asked another two of her equine buddies to step in to the dark bays shoes! On top of this she has also realised that she can ask us for ‘proper’ equine grooming which has brought her, yet again on to another level of feeling secure and comfortable with us.

To see this horse as she is now is just so wonderful and it is our sincere hope that her story will encourage other humans to give horses and other animals a chance of living a life instead of being shunted on or being put to sleep.

As for the dark bay and the little chestnut we all miss giving them their attention over the fence and we sincerely hope their future life, wherever they are will be happy. Lauder Lass will never forget them, as we are sure they will never forget her or the others for that matter.

EVERY ANIMAL (no matter how scared, hurt or old they are) HAS A VOICE, GIVE THEM A CHANCE, FIND SOMEONE WHO CAN HEAR THEIR VOICE, so that their destination isn’t ruled by our ‘selfish ‘ decisions.

If you are struggling to know what your animals wants or wishes why not visit http://www.naturesphysician.com

The same applies for any one who is old or struggling with health or communicating, please, for their contentment in life,  give them a chance, they truly deserve it.

Thank you for taking time to share this next part of Lauder Lass’s story.

Perhaps another lesson from our Equine World is ” A Loss can be counter balanced or bring renewed confidence as long as the correct seed is planted a few weeks later or when the loss starts to kick in.”

About Judi and Lauder Lass's carers

Animal and Human behaviourist, Animal 'user friendly' trainer, Author, Alternative dietician -
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2 Responses to Loss : brings more confidence

  1. Lisa Lefemine says:

    love love love love love to Lauder Lass and you Judi. xxx me and Ankie

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